Lea Seydoux et Wes Anderson pour Prada.

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“Combien de temps pouvons-nous être heureux ensemble?” Donne-moi la “un an plus tard”! Et… peut-être je vais regarder “Blue is the Warmest Color” ce soir. On peut toujours utiliser plus de Léa!

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Piketty on economics.

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So the very people who bought out all the copies of Capital in the Twenty-First Century on Amazon… were the subjects of the book, eh? Fun with speculation.

Pretty reasonable conclusions: too much concentration of capital at the top and not enough global taxation of said capital, and the poors get stuck with the bills for carrying society but can’t afford to be squeezed. Inequality is a thing, it’s intimately connected to our social ills, and it’s getting worse. Even though David Brooks says it’s not a thing and that talking about it won’t help to achieve any realistic aims for the poor. Yeah okay – after all those Supreme Court campaign finance decisions that just confirmed that those with no money have no voice? Hahahaha (ad nauseam). Our more recent complete conversion to free market capitalism was bound to clash with our historical, and apparently dated, establishment as a republic. In republicanism, the people have natural rights – in capitalism, they don’t. Only what wealth and power can buy you, and that means concentration into fewer and fewer hands… no surprise that we’re ending up as an old-style European oligarchy. Might as well start passing out the barony titles now.

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Blood in the Water.

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“Don’t drink the water… there’s blood in the water.” – Dave Matthews

NY Post: Two-thirds of NYC’s Airbnb rentals are illegal sublets.

You managed to get $450 million in VC this week? You can afford to pay for a lawyer then – see ya in court (finally). Interesting to see what the legal fallout will be, and if it empowers (or not) other localities to pursue lost revenue, and what the economic effects of a “sharing” economy really are. I will always use “sharing” in quotations because nobody doing the “sharing” doesn’t want as much money as they can get for what they’re giving. We’ll probably get some fascinating numbers out of the case: still haven’t seen a decent comparison of tourist money airBnB has brought in versus effects of rental market destabilization on overall real estate prices/availability and economic productivity lost from workers unable to get housing due to airBnB influence. (The status quo will only be able to stay if a) way bigger bribes are paid or more realistically, if b) the city can generate enough additional revenue from the tourist influx to completely overlook depleted rental and use tax revenues, destruction of other productive businesses, and seismic changes in certain social aspects of city governance… and housing in NYC is always a problem. Unlikely.) It’s feeding time for lawyers and there’s blood in the water! Popcorn!


Like on FB, lose right to sue?

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Real helpful General Mills. “General Mills, the maker of cereals like Cheerios and Chex as well as brands like Bisquick and Betty Crocker, has quietly added language to its website to alert consumers that they give up their right to sue the company if they download coupons, ‘join’ it in online communities like Facebook, enter a company-sponsored sweepstakes or contest or interact with it in a variety of other ways.”

Yeah, it probably won’t hold up on appeal but definitely not good for ahem, some fields, and of course some poor schmuck will have to be the first test case in order for that application to be found unprotected.

(They retracted this already.)

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Freshman year?

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Horror fashion.

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Watched this elegant creepfest (are brides supposed to look bored and wishing for death?) and realized I know absolutely nothing about homegirl Vera Wang, other than fancy people wear her dresses around. So I looked her up. Parents came over from Shanghai in the 1940s, she was a former figure skater, a Sorbonne graduate, a Vogue editor, a 1968 debutante, and she designed the uniforms for the Eagles cheerleaders, at least in 2009. High couture for football cheerleaders? Whoooooa.


Daytime napping was associated with an increased risk of all-cause mortality.

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“Daytime napping was associated with an increased risk of all-cause mortality.” Never taking another daytime nap again. I don’t care that I’m crazy tired from waking up at 8 on a Sunday morning and really want to go back to bed, but have a nice block of time this afternoon for that…

Daytime Napping and the Risk of All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality: A 13-Year Follow-up of a British Population

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Megan Fox says…

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Yeah so I’ve never even seen Gundam Wing. -1 Asian points for me, +1 for Megan Fox. (Because all Asians are anime geeks? Hmm. Clearly that’s wrong.) Also, live action Sailor Moon is a terrible, terrible idea. Even if it’s Ms. Fox flouncing around in it.

[Life after TMNT?] “Gundam Wing,” responds Fox, adding she’d love to see a Jurassic Park remake in the works. “Pacific Rim was sort of a Gundam Wing situation, but they should do it. What about Thundercats?” Or maybe, she says, Sailor Moon.“That could feasibly be made into a live action movie…” – EW

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On science and religion.

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“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:21


Moon Lee kicks ass!

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In case you wanted to watch 15 minutes of some unbelievable old Hong Kong action flick footage with one of the few – and amazing – female martial arts stars, Moon Lee. While relatively unknown today, she had her heyday in the late 80s and early 90s. Starting in television before the jump to movies, Lee was recruited for her skill at dancing; apparently, the flexibility, strength and fluidity needed for her dancing were just the skills directors and choreographers were looking for to pick up the new martial arts “styles” they were trying to debut.

Moon was part of a tradition started by Hong Kong film legends, the Shaw Brothers, who first cast a female lead in their martial arts flicks in 1966 with Cheng Pei-Pei’s “Come Drink With Me.” Rival studio Golden Harvest soon recruited Taiwanese actress Angela Mao-Ying, a skilled martial artist who appeared in movies all through the 1970s – including in Enter the Dragon, as Bruce Lee’s sister. The next big stars to come through were Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock, who both began their careers in the mid-1980s as part of the “Girls with Guns” trend in Hong Kong filmmaking. Most of Rothrock’s career was in Hong Kong, with a few Hollywood B-movies here and there, while Yeoh was able to more successfully expand internationally with Tomorrow Never Dies and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, starting the trend of stylized Chinese action movies in the US. Even though there are quite a few US female action movie stars, the female martial artist action star has never been much of a thing here; it’s really too bad that a lot of Gina Carano’s (stellar! she’s so badass!) work is relegated to the bargain bin.

A shameful comparison: the first two minutes of the YT clip are from a Hong Kong movie that was based off of Charlie’s Angels. Compare the amazing and brutal fighting to the Cameron Diaz-anchored Charlie’s Angels movies… aughhhh.

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