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So my last little entry was at work – didn’t want to get caught of course. But does it matter? Really now – I was done all the stuff I needed to do anyway. Now I actually feel like a part of this lab (it’s kinda strange how it’s set up. I am employed by Dr. Ruth Muschel’s lab in the Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine. However, she is part of the Department of Radiation Oncology somehow, and her husband is head of the Department as well. Her old office and my workspace for the past month has been in his lab, Dr. Gillies McKenna, and so I am going to be working there. It will be kind of strange, because her lab will be in Abramson while I am in John Morgan. I will still report to her. That will still have to be worked out exactly how, but anyway.). Having a part of the space dedicated to me is a new feeling; none of my old jobs ever gave me my “own” place. I am quite honored. At the same time, I have to work even harder than I have been – it’s getting harder and harder every day! I did an OK blot this week, but next week I have to show her a REALLY GOOD BLOT. I am SO going to die. Tonight, I think I’m going to go see Charlie’s Angels with the housemates and Tiffany, before she heads home. Also, there’s a drama house party…lots of stuff happening! Last night I ended up playing video games with Ash for 2 hours and it was REAL late when I finally got into bed. It was off the hizzy. And now – it’s time to go.


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OK – I missed yesterday. So sue me. I was intending to write one, but when I was half done, IE screwed up and shut down all the screens, deleting all my work.

So in my last entry I had said something about Molly being rabidly hyperactive, but that it was cute. Since she had said something about it to the effect of “was I serious?”, than my clarification is in order. What I do mean is that I’m serious about her being rabidly cute, but hyperactive.

I was talking to Kathy the other day. She likes making scrapbooks; I can’t wait to take a look. I have an honorary spot on one page, I hear. I still have to send her the picture from the White Rose formal…that was a great night.

Speaking of great nights, the past two have been kinda good. Friday night, I went to the theater house party and had an awesome time! I said goodbye to Lauren Sankovitch who is going to have a crazy time in London until August. Did I mention how jealous I was of that? Well anyway, I am thinking about MDing Zombie Prom, and then I am also getting the score for Most Happy Fella so I can take a look at that. And then I have to do transcribing for that possible trip in September and for the PMAH concert, and then prepare for Glee Club August 27. I’m gonna go crazy with all this music stuff. If I dropped out, I think it would be a very bad thing for the Penn music community – they’d all lose their one accompanist…haha. Missy was there, as was Dora and Vy and Dave (who is going to do jazz stuff with me soon) and Ken and Ken’s hot friends (how?) and some unknown Asian chick (for once, whom I found mmm…) and Kat and Kat’s friend who I started talking to. One of Missy’s housemates came along and she was hilarious. Mike was there, as was Rob (both Glee Club), who in his higher quest to get some, has crashed and burned many a time along the way. Friday I also had been to lunch with Lisa J. I had a good chicken quesadilla – maybe it’ll be lunch also on Monday.

Anyway, then I had Saturday, which started out with 28 Days Later, which ended up being very good. It was ostensibly about a killer virus, but it was more about how we as humans deal with our needs – and it’s not as perverted as you would immediately think, that’s for the person who I told that to and who said eww right away. And then all that candy? Blecch. Purple tongue and rotted teeth now. I called Ruth today about the jazz club; apparently it’s called Ortlieb’s Jazz Haus and it’s a couple blocks off of Elfreth’s Alley on Second Street (oh, by the way, there is a very nice old house available for sale right on the edge of Elfreth’s’s so nice. And a block down is the best bookstore I’ve seen in Philly. Thanks to Ruth for that one again. I’m really glad for First Friday the other week.) She also said she had done the Boston Marathon. Having only ran the comparatively cake Harrisburg Marathon, I really admire her running prowess – because you have to have a qualifying time which was a bit beyond my time…hehe. Um. Time to train, I guess. I talked to Jen some who is better today, so she’s tired most days from work. Having to work until 7, 730 every night is a drag, as is having to work the same on Saturdays – because everybody likes househunting on Saturday mornings (she’s a leasing agent). She came in before I was to leave for dinner, and while I was playing perfect Dark. She said it sounded like a scary horror movie and I said, nah, some stupid violent video game. She likes GTA! Anyway, I went down to Xe Lua, my fave Viet place in Chinatown and had some good Pho with Rach and Dan and Daphne. We then went down to Broad St. where the July 4 celebrations were up and running. It was huge! It was massive! Salsa dancing by City Hall, a Steel band, some Latin band down by the end, and then continually changing too, though I didn’t stay. That was because I went back to watch Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, which was an immensely fun movie. It was brainless, and the conclusions they come to are ridiculous, but it’s great. And the guest appearances! Camerion Diaz in no makeup and a mullet? Oh, so sexy. And Lucy Liu is just AMAZING. I went with Leah and Missy (she lives in the Sig Ep house for a Center for Community Partnerships internship which gives her free housing there – what a good deal!) and Sarah and Tyler. Tyler is obviously trying to get …. that’s enough about that part. We hung out in front of the Bridge for so long deciding what to do, then we decided on FreshGrocer and acted the complete bums we were trying to be. We kinda got kicked off twice by management for basically being a nuisance like standing and talking right in the middle of the exit. Haha. Then we walked. Sarah had called a shuttle and we stood in front of Tyler’s place, but it took so long, and I wanted to not hinder any efforts on Tyler’s part, so I left. Ostensibly to call my friend and go to his party, but the phone died, so I had to go home. And then when I got back, I called Rachel and ended up talking to Jen again for a half hour and eating tons of Skittles, forcing me to call it a night because it was kinda late and I was kinda tired. And then it’s morning now. The Scientist is playing right now. It’s a beautiful song. I think I want to go to the John Mayer/Counting Crows concert in July; I really like “Your Body is a Wonderland”. How come everybody is embarrassed to say they like John Mayer? If everybody isn’t ashamed of liking a wimp band like DMB or admitting fanatic viewings of PeeWee’s Playhouse when they were little, then why not John Mayer? PeeWee was great in Blow, by the way. His hair was probably the best I’ve ever seen it. His arrest photo and the almost bald cut he had on the show were SO dumb. How did he end up doing PeeWee’s Playhouse anyway? How did Mr. Rogers end up doing his show from being a kickass Army guy with tattoos all down his arms which were hidden by that long sleeve half sweater he always wore?

New problems await. I gotta study, prep for next week’s experiments, figure out how to get in touch with Tracy for some stuff I need and also organize my room a little. I’m a mess right now. Arrgh. To reduce the heat of my room, I have to open the front door for a while, letting all these bugs in. And the bugs just stay ont he first floor, meaning I suffer all of them. Jen was joking last night that I was the only person who she could legitimately warn to “don’t let the bedbugs bite”. Ahhhhh!

Hot, steamy summer.

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So this is the new stuff! To continue off the end of the last one, I just wanted to even out the score. Well, she – yeah, she – is down in South America doing good works while I grow and then kill cancer. Good works? Maybe, but not so much in comparison. But – it definitely is interesting. So I’m living just off campus right now, and I have 3 housemates to make life interesting here. I live on the first floor and during this hot, steamy summer, I stay cool because – even with no air con, the first floor is always pretty cool! Magic, I think. Upstairs lives Ashton and his cousin who I guess has gone home… and then on the FRYING top floor lives Jen and the taxi driver guy. Phantom Papa, he calls himself, for his inability to see his grandson so often. I think it was Jen who said it sounded like some weird porn. Ashton definitely has the best room; of course, he’s living here throughout the year. I have the most “space”. There is an empty apartment next door to me with kitchen and bathroom, which I always use, except to shower. Definitely not, it’s kinda scuzzy. So I’ve been living here since the middle of May, and I love it. When I first moved in, there was no door on one side and an unlockable door on the other…thank goodness things have worked out better since then. My room is big and looks out into the living room, which means any party here is a party I’m at, whether I like it or not. We’ve had a couple hot parties here already. Sometimes it was just hangin out and drinking whisky sours, with Mike, who also knows Jen, some of Jen’s friends, some of Ashton’s friends. I had lots of people over for home-cooked meals, but not so much for the party yet. Jen had that nice BBQ with the George Foreman on the week after I had moved in. By chance, Viv, Zita, Darryl and Assad came – I have no idea how. Viv is still around, as is Zita, who works long hours and is still really really short. Hehe, but then, so are a lot of the people in my life. (Wouldn’t that be a little weird to go out or even just hang out with people who were much taller?) Ash is taking a class at Temple and being generaly lazy and enjoying his summer. Jen, just recently, got a great job. I’m proud of her – she’s real busy and gets real tired at the end of the day, but she’s happy. I had a good conversation the other day with her about being the quiet one. We were talking about how people like us – yes, we are really similar – seem to always go out of their way to do things for people, but when we need help, those ppl are not always there for you. I mean, it happens sometimes, but I’m glad there’s someone else who feels like I do. She’s surprising. I can’t believe that she basically bought Mr. X (I’ll leave that one to her to tell) a car. Mysterious references – but that’s for me to remember, not you. I helped the taxi driver set up his email account the other day. He apparently wants to get into “phantom” day trading. I’ve got cable (Jen gets HBO, how come me and Ash don’t???) and now an N64 from Liederbach, and a TV and VCR from Assad who gave it to me before he left home for Pakistan, where he seems to be getting along fine. He’s got some options, or so he says. Yesterday was the awesomest day – not only do I get some quality time talking to people I need to (thanks, Rachel), I get Tracy’s number, kinda unload Mz Thang who really needs to go, and saw Alex and Emma. Now you would ask why is this guy mentioning a campy romance movie? Because it was relaxing, and had an actual bitter moment… um, anyway. So tonight, Kathy calls – and she tells me she cares! Life is good! And then I had a good time with Missy and Jared at the Rotunda, watching some awesome breakers. I had no idea they had all kinds of cool shit goin on there that is apparently free. A bunch of West Philly thugs, aging Rastas and younger generation Rastas, skater punks, skater girl punks, emaciated model people, hot girls, clueless college students like me – it’s all good. So all day, I go to class at Temple, which really sucks because I have to wake up at 7 to have enough travel time to make it there on schedule. Then I go to work, which is a long, stressful but highly satisfying way to spend the day. I finished a Western blot, immunoprecipitation and development today. It was only OK, but I have only been improving. I work a full 40 hours a week so I get paid the full amount – my check comes in soon, I am excited. Molly talked to me the other day, we caught up after 3 weeks not talking… she’s still as good as ever. And hyperactive. And rabidly so. But it’s all cute.