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So apparently it takes 2-3 minutes for a phone to get almost stolen by one person and finally stolen by another…

So talking about fave music – I heard the Remedy and couldn’t stop listening. I heard Too Much Food and I felt like I couldn’t get enough. Then, I heard Sleep All Day and Summer Breeze both at once, and realized – hey, I HAVE to go and see Jason Mraz’s concert! And he was recently released on TRL! Look everybody, he has a blog! I was looking at other music and rediscovered Chantal Kreviazuk, one of my people…Canada’s own. She’s kind of pretty, and she had a song I really like a while back. I guess she’s returning to the fringe mold from whence she came.

I’m going wild over the blog thing – apparently I have so many random interests that I’m gonna have ten thousand different lines of thought all trying to crowd my mind-to-screen work at the same time, like now. I read Slate earlier today and felt this article was worth mentioning – I never knew anything much about current Russian and Chinese relations other than in the diplomatic sense, so I was a little more enlightened.

Don’t ask me how I ended up here…but some of these words ar hilarious and who thought them up? I dunno, but… and how in hell do you exactly end up being post-cool? Too cool for the rest of you losers? And an art show to boot? What are you guys thinking? I don’t need to see good art labeled as something that’s beyond me. Thanks for the heads up, guys. We’re all so over.

Oh, so apparently, on the day of my MCAT, you can go all out in the t-dot and get some fuckin’ flash in the middle of Nathan Phillips Square (where I saw Shawn Desman, though I’m sure none of yall have heard of this crooner – listen to the Gap soundtrack, I think you’ll hear him on there). And quoted from another blog: “But yeah. The email account’s toast. The blog (this blog, at least) is dead. I’m busy with other stuff at the moment. And Nicholas isn’t doing much right now. So. But thanks for asking.” I should add a link, but that one was kinda disturbing. I quoted that last part as the only sane part of the whole thing.

Looking around at other blogs, I realized – just as there are so many more porn sites than normal sites – that there are so many sex related blogs than normal ones. And who’s to say what’s normal? Why read something called the “Morning After” on a page titled “from a sex addict who hasn’t had it in a while”? Why read a gay man’s blog that’s all about the guy’s mom? Seriously now…I wouldn’t mind reading a little about his mom, but this needs some real psychologic unraveling.

But then we find the cool magazines, that explore weird issues that we never were really aware that we were supposed to be pondering, like a deadly obsession with domesticated reason. So the guy is worried about us worrying about civilization and what it all means. But that question has existed since the beginning of time. Why are we here? Why do we exist? Most of the time, we shrug our shoulders and get back to living, and sometimes we can’t figure it out and shoot ourselves, and sometimes we write silly articles degrading our lack of faith in our existence as nothing, and our civilization in comparison as “chains” that must be thrown off! Though I’ve gotta say, Adbusters sometimes just makes you laugh. Creative resistance, all the way.

And this little thing, for the princess in you…well, go for it. And lock your bedroom, and never ever have someone over for the night. Before they run screaming away from you and your pretensions to royalty. And audblog blogs up Liz Phair’s Why Can’t I….haHA! Somebody else likes this song too! I am NOT alone!!! Woohoo…

So, if you’ve been noticing, Maxim’s Hometown Hotties are MUCH hotter this time around, and obviously they list measurements. Wait, obviously? They didn’t have that first time around!! Wait, this would kind of fall in with me watching White Oleander last night. As Kelly said, what a typical GUY thing.

And seriously, sometimes it’s not worth knowing if you’re one of these or not…

Then, there’s these suspicious semi-cool Asian things which seem to want me to get back into the between two world groove again and admit I’m not white. Oh wait, I’m not? I forget sometimes…until I look in the mirror in the morning, wonder why I’m not partying it up at Lambda or rapin the ganja with the FOBs or ABCs or CBCs, and realize that I’m gonna be an in the cracks kid (and on crack! CIA, Contras, Bloods, Crips, gang warfare, LA’s drug problem…behind the scenes makes the world go round!) for the rest of my life. Three cheers for the Asian (and oh yeah, there’s hope for me getting into bars before I graduate, besides all those shady Ethiopian places). And then for a normal weblog, like some of the rest of the world. And maybe spice up the page somewhat, ya know?

And the end of pop. Though i could have done a better job, had I the energy to do that.

Mostly not me.

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An excerpt from the Dose, hehe, so observant:

I’m waiting for them to announce that SARS is somehow related to the same disease that causes asian food court employees to actually believe that yelling loudly at people, even with toothpick sample in hand, is an effective way to attract more eager customers.

So what’s this I see in CNN about the first gay school to be opened in New York? (correction: gay, lesbian and bisexual, for the PC crowd) First of all, I was surprised to see New York being halfway PC itself (in reference to Harvey Milk and actually listening to some of these community rights organizations) and then to actually put some TLC into its choices (tender, loving care)! Whoa, and I used to think that New York just didn’t care about the little guy! While I think it is good for homosexuals to be saved some of the anguish from physical and mental torture in normal public schools, I agree that the new school itself might not be the greatest idea – separated classrooms within a school that still allow some integration with, for better or worse, the rest of society, would be much more advisable, as they allow both parties to be adjusted to the realities of life and how people are treated out there in the real world. There would be, I assume, some kind of stigma and separate standards ascribed to a school that was set apart as for gay students. This could turn out to be a harmful venture rather than a beneficial one. Just an observation… and back to work before my boss catches me playing astute observer.

Just a thought: this is a web-log but not a blog….yet. Chronicle? Yes. Editorialization? Yes. Catalogue of the Interesting and Bizarre Elsewhere on the Net? Nope, not yet. Rehaul? No. I like it as is. But look for some crazy links soon enough

Unfortunately, d-eah, you have no id-eah that what you’ve done for us has settled that question for-evah, and that nuthin you will ever do will bring all-us back to where we ah today, y’unner-stand me?

So where were we? Oh yes, I had just stepped out the door – to get a dose of yam’cha no less. In the Americanized ethnicized anglicized italicized version of boldly authentic Chinese cuisine that exists on this side of the Eastern Seaboard, we have dim sum, potluck, delivery-takeout-fried chicken wings, foul leftovers and sticky-icky-icky’s that should have been left in the slime that they think is cooking oil. Though I’m not complaining – a trip to BC in a few weeks will put everything straight again… But back to the little anecdote of Sunday. I was going with Rachel and her two Asian homies (I call them homies only because we Asians like to call ourselves silly things like that, as if we weren’t really Asians but black people in Asian disguise, or white black-wannabes in Asian disguise, who in turn happen to want to look white….actually, our Asian identity is severely confused. And I’m not just talking Confucius-ed – imagine an Asian who never really hangs out with Asians, stays as far away from the Asian cliques as possible but comes home to a family full of Asians who look and act Asian and ponder what happened to the silly half-gweilo nephew…and you’ll find me somewhere there. Yeah. Amazing, ain’t it. But I digress – some time I’ll spout out more of this weird phenomena) for some food at a dim-sum palace; I was expecting a nasty Joy Tsin Lau experience or Desert Inn cocktail with Best of Philly 1974 still stuck, faded in the window, or pushcarts with food leftover from the Reagan years still being served. Hmm, this place almost looked good. Well, it wasn’t bad, to tell the truth. It satisfied my hunger for ha’cou and ho fun but I still left a little hungry. Thank god it was cheap. I had a good time actually. Rachel’s friends were of course, science, and doing the MCATs, like every other Asian on the planet, and the boyfriend was an RC like Sylvia was. Actually, Sylvia showed up with 12 of her girls and they got seats before we did, a table of 4… they finished up way before we were done, and their table was out of the way. Funny how things work out. Sylvia looked a doll as usual – when I see her from far, I wonder if she’s real. I actually know a bunch of the RCs now – Sylvia, that guy, Bree, Magda, that girl who came to our party, Steve and one other person that I met.

And then, going home with Dennis. I was with an incredible lightness of spirit even though it was thick thick thick for many many hours. Over the next few hours in the car and at home, we touched on painful family issues between all of us and also in my mom’s past, and my dad’s past, and troubles I have right now – and that lightness helped patch the whole thing together. By the time I left today, I had gotten the parents to renew confidence in me (they even apologized to me, weird, huh), fixed things with my brother, dealt with all my business (school taxes SUCK, rebate checks RULE), rediscovered speeding and having 4 close brushes with the police with my mom in the passenger seat and NOT minding at all – thank goodness I am a great driver and she trusts my driving; she looks like she’ll have a heart attack when driving with my dad. Dentist, seems like I’m grinding again – stupid stressing MCATs!!! NO cavities… Back to school, argument with landlord – but now, I can stay as long as I fix the damn moulding. Thing is, he wanted me out so he could rent the WHOLE first floor for more to a couple and I was in the way. I put my foot down and said the room was MINE, not yours bucko, and legally too, and that I would fix the moulding and get off my back. “OK,” he says, “you cooperate with me and I cooperate with you.” Too bad he started out with “get out” and ended with acceding to me and saying that last part. Mom saw that argument too – NOT cool. She thinks he’s a greedy asshole, so it’s all good (some of her friends are lawyers too…so I have that and Law School ppl and Jen, Bret and my leasers as backup). Back at work, did a whole shitload this morning by way of working – splitting, refeeding, developing, a gel run this afternoon. Kaplan Center tonight after dinner. Who wants some MCAT, baby?

All I could think about this weekend was that she is the one and I should not miss this opportunity. All my worries begone, b-52’s and the love-shack right in! Tread as if on broken glass though, pitfalls everywhere, hiyo Silver and back to work.

A story.

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This may be the last thing that I write for long…can you hear me smiling when I sing this song for you? And only you….

Second paragraph! You can tell I’m excited about it… I wanted to keep it secret until I finished, but I thought I’d let everybody go ooh and aah over it.

Its awnings were ancient, and the marquee, far from readable. Yet it was painfully obvious – even to the struggling manager of the theater who prayed to almighty God every 5 minutes that this production should be a success and not turn him out into the street where a lot of his other fellow theatre junkies resided – that tonight at the Mercury Theatre, est. 1932, there was to be a production of something of importance. Maybe it was the cheap flashing lights strung up around the building, or the badly made circulars that were posted everywhere, or the grudging and suffering hawker who was paid to shout out the existence of a production on this very night, and for whom the job description did not include any mention of his present duties, for he did not think “an acting capability” included being posted on the sidewalk every night to scream at passerby. To the average man or woman, it would seem to resemble the multiplicity of plays that were performed monthly, kly and even daily. Unwanted, unwatched and unviewable. On closer look, however, it might also be seen that there was something else about this place and this production that would warrant a second look, and maybe even the price of a ticket…

So the first paragraph was some fo the words form the All-American Rejects’ Last Song. It’s a great song… but not so great as Phantom Planet’s Anthem!

Hold, before I go into that one. You know in those movies where as someone leaves, the main character always runs up and says wait, I have to tell you something! And the someone turns around and says what? And then the main character has something witty to say and gets rewarded? Well, um. I got as far as the wait, I have to tell you something. Haha. Kick me now.

I woke up today, a song was swimming in my head and I hummed it to myself as I got out of bed. On the way to take a shower, it all just dawned on me that a song like this might just go down in history. I quickly ran back to get my guitar, a pen and some paper. ‘Cause this whole world needs an Anthem, and I’m tryin’ to put the words where they belong. Yeah, this whole world needs an anthem, and I’m hoping everyone will sing along. Oh, I quickly got to work and put the song in gear, and my neighbor rang the doorbell…said it caught his ear. I was playing it so loud the whole neighborhood could hear, and at night from every household, it became quite clear. Everyone just singing along, the same notes, the same song. Maybe I heard it wrong. ‘Cause this whole world needs an anthem, and I’m tryin’ to put the words where they belong. Yeah, this whole world needs an Anthem, and I’m hoping everyone will sing along. Everyone was singing along, the same notes, the same song. Maybe I heard that wrong. ‘Cause this whole world needs an anthem, and I’m tryin’ to put the words where they belong. Yeah, this whole world needs an Anthem, and I’m hoping everyone will sing along.

I think when the head turns, it expected a Bye! but I was surprisingly mute right at the moment. I make awkward goodbyes sometimes. Especially when my music is playing and one would know that I was here.

I burned the bottom of my pot the other day – made the house smell a little like burning paper for a half hour or so. Good thing when the door opens, wind does blow through here pretty well. And that burn mark on the counter…yikes, hopefully it’s alright.

I can’t help it, I need to give a third helping of Too Much Food (Jason Mraz, concert on August 12, woohoo!), actually 3rd paragraph of as yet Untitled.

Beside the dusty and blurry window of the ticket booth, a surprisingly clean glass case contained a few clippings from major newspapers: the Philadelphia Inquirer, “haunting last performance by members of OffStage”; the New York Times, “Philadelphia’s OffStage finally goes… off stage!”; and the Philadelphia Daily News, “why does it have to end? The best thing to hit Philadelphia theater in a decade brings itself to a self-proclaimed close.” It was unfortunate, then, that one would have to be interested already to actually notice the glass case. One would wonder, in fact, that there was anyone at all who even bothered to show up; in truth, the place looked kind of like a triple X theatre, or even an abandoned one with junkies and bums that one could imagine locking themselves up in this old and faded glory – for even with its generally nasty façade, the building was still an aged beauty, with long lost echoes of its lushness and elegance in ages past. Reminiscent of 30’s architecture, Hollywood style, there was still a reminder of the age of gangsters and molls, Prohibition honky-tonks and illegal stills, rockettes and golden geisha girls, and love to excess among the royal velvet seats and endless red tapestries strung along the cracked plaster walls. Some days, even the large dark water stains on the ceiling seemed impressive; they looked like a memento of the rich brown cigars once smoked in plenty among the elite and powerful that came here for their entertainment. Its one claim to legend, beyond its half-existence as a well-oiled bordello, was that several Philadelphia gangsters had started a gunfight within its walls that was later held as a parallel to the St. Valentines Day Massacre.

And now, it’s time to live my day. Oh yeah, and I’m going home tonight…I really don’t want to, because it’s a dentist trip, but I gotta. So I’ll be back to post on Monday- and get to see all my favorite people, and have thought of that something to say as that person is leaving. No more Silent Bob, nu-uh! Goodbye!

A good day.

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I don’t really remember what I did earlier in the day – wait, actually, I do. It was a lonely Friday afternoon, made so by my own self-seclusion. I walked downtown and dwelled on the beauty of Philadelphia tha so many people don’t seem to see. Walking through Washington Square, I felt a pang of sadness for the material lusts and shallowness of those who seemed to see nothing in the quirky and lively streets of Philadelphia. A chief complaint is the lack of things to do – take Penn’s campus, as an example. There is nothing to do but watch a couple movies and eat at pizza places, kosher places and Indian buffets. But what one doesn’t see is just around the corner. Instead of taking a cup at Cosi’s, watch the people shop at FreshGrocer while sipping a cup of raspberry tea on the second floor. Eat a cookie at the Green Line Cafe, and imagine that the guitarist in the corner is playing just for you. Read the newspaper at the Cafe Paris. Have a drink at Gojjo’s, flirt with the bartender-ess and play a round of pool with the shady Nigerians upstairs. Hang out at the store that doesn’t sell that many things on 47th and bring a little life to the twenty something woman studying her fingernails, the black man taking a nap, the Hispanic kid having ice cream, the old guy smoking his cigarette and the fat woman dejected at her place at the table. Or, you can walk into the rest of Philadelphia. Go visit Philly’s Bronx – South Philadelphia. Raid Center City for cheap restaurants (Joe’s Pizza) and romantic restaurants (Astral Plane) and exotic restaurants (Alma de Cuba) and quirky bars (the Bards) and expensive bistros (Audrey Claire) and good seafood (Seafood Unlimited) and burning Mexican (Hot Tamales). Walk higher up into West Philly; check out the jazz lounges and have a forty with the bums that ask you, honestly, to have money for a forty, and then drink to your health a thousand times after that. Scalp tickets at the Electric Factory. Break at the Rotunda. Walk the proverbial dog in Schuylkill River Park. Call your local leasing agent, ask her to look at an apartment, and have a tour of that section of Philly with that hot local leasing agent girl even though you know deep inside that you really didn’t want an apartment in the first place. Check out the drug scene at that apartment place on 11th Street. Look for Tommy under the Bridge near Penn’s Landing; ask how much 500 in used bills and a mixer can buy a buddy some weight with the local fishies. Go look at pictures in the galleries down 3rd St. on days NOT called First Friday or Going Out Of Business Sale. Run around Old City and take a little break at the Polish American Museum and then tell the funny old lady that you’re Polish from Japanese and Moroccan descent, your grandmother had two hussars before breakfast and two Mongolians 9 months later. Visit the Constitution Center and heckle Matt and Alex. Go to the Gallery and yell about how it sucks, then go to Liberty Place and spend all your money at Express. And then, try tell the person you love that you love them, and buy them a full bloom rose at FroGro for $1.69 plus tax. That’s how you too can love Philly.

I got home, got ready to go to Rob’s for a ridonculous time, and met Jen and company, on their way back from an Italian restaurant. I didn’t think I could say anything to them about being so happy that it made me kind of sad; I knew I couldn’t share some things like that, with a whole group. It was real personal I guess, for a crowd of one – and when she smiled, I smiled back. Waiting for the girls to get ready, I talked to Russell a little bit. He was the same old scattered self; he wanted the world without the sacrifice. Like me, on every other day. As the leaves blew around outside my window, I heard the familiar creaking and as they descended the stairs, I held my breath in amazement. Fast forward to a game of Beirut, me and Jen lose by 1… fast forward to a game of pool with Dan, then to seeing Laura again, and Mike, and Matt, and Eugene, and Naomi. That was my crowd; as I turned, the word was that the other crowd were going to Smokes. The juvenile, forever under 21 – I was hurting, for the age, the fake ID, the time, the happiness – and I couldn’t force it. I let it go to a crowd of strange guys playing quarters that they had practiced to an art so that unsuspecting girls would get really drunk playing them. But, I underestimated intelligence. After a walk or two or three around the block, and another frank admission (though the next day), the door clicked open at 5 am, after I had already gone to sleep after watching AFV with Eugene and Naomi (who transferred from I think Bryn Mawr) and going home after sending Naomi back to Sig Ep house where Missy, Anjali, Ruth, Carmen and a couple others I have met live. It was a bittersweet night.

“Being friends is when you can sit together and not say anything at all and understand each other perfectly.”

Last whatever list.

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OK, so I wanted something new to do…give some more perspective then just a barf of words… so I stole this from Molly, who stole this from someone else. Adapted, of course. The rest can come some other time, like Sunday after I recover from the party AND finish the practice MCAT.

Last Library Book Checked Out: Tolstoy – Resurrection…this is a great book. For Russian lit buffs, read this… the issues are still relevant today.

Last Movie Seen In Theater: LXG, good adventure romp

Last Movie Seen at Home: Godfather II, with Jen’s sketch HBO that I don’t get downstairs…

Last Book Read: J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Last Beverage: Beer at Rob’s…actually, I had a Pepsi after that at Philly Diner.

Last Food Consumed: Cheese Fries at Philly Diner.

Last Phone Call: Kathy – cut off as usual bc I was going out, again.

Last TV show watched: AFV, Simpsons with Eugene and Naomi at Eug’s place

Last time showered: Tonight at 9 PM to get ready for an exciting night…um….right

Last Shoes worn: Nike sneaks

Last CD played: Alternative Mix… Phantom Planet – Anthem was the best song.

Last Item Bought: J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Last Downloaded: Detsl – Vecherinka, Russian feel good hip hop

Last Annoyance: Knowing I couldn’t get into Smokes so not going.

Last Disappointment: Not being able to party with Jen and Amy, see above.

Last Soda Drank: Pepsi.

Last Thing Written: Besides this, my last Xanga last night. The private one.

Last Key used: House key – Jen got home before I did and they’re sleeping at the moment? Sketch!!! It’s 3 AM, and they got home earlier from the bar then I got home from chilling and watching TV with friends?

Last Word spoken: Goodnight. To Naomi, who lives with Missy and does the same internship program where they both work at Sayre Middle School – she works directly with Anjali, Rachel’s friend – and she knows Ash, as the shady kid!

Last Weird Encounter: Finding out again how small this world really is.

Last Ice Cream Eaten: Scoop de Ville. Hot Apple Pie A La Mode

Last Time amused: After I gave Jen her present the other day… actually, talking to Naomi tonight too, and talking to Kathy.

Last Time Scolded: Last week. Silly fight with parents.

Last Chair Sat In: Eug’s leather chair.

Last Underwear Worn: VS…haha, no. Joe Boxer.

Last Shirt Worn: Tommy shirt. Nice and white and cool…besides the fact that it IS Tommy.

Last Poster Looked At: My own of Miles Davis.

Last Show Attended: Breakdance show at the Rotunda

Last Webpage visited: Xanga

1 minute ago: I was writing this.

1 hour ago: hanging out with Eug and Naomi.

1 day ago: Staying home with the MCAT books.

1 week ago: watching Pirates and then party at Sig Ep.

1 year ago: In a nursing home. Working.

Current Stuff: Club dress – I am sleepy and have to wake up in 4 hours – listening to Panjabi MC – Pepsi taste in mouth – styled hair – want to sleep but don’t exactly feel like it, hyper – stale beer smell – sleeping is what i should be doing – Keira Knightley (hehe, for desktop) – Pepsi drinking now – worrying about going to MCAT or Great Adventure

A see-through post (in retrospect).

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Last night, after work, I was having dinner with Lisa. She came over and we made some vegetables cooked in olive oil with shallots and garlic, linguine and mushroom sauce and a can of Manhattan clam chowder (which is no match for New England clam chowder). We talked for a while – about Latin music, about other music I had downloaded (like the Hawaiian song from the Dr. Green death episode of ER; that episode was the best death episode I’ve ever seen on any TV show), about things at work, and other stuff. So then we had our chocolate fudge cake (which I still have a healthy portion of… Jen won’t eat it because she doesn’t like chocolate!!) and that was delicious.

And then: Jen comes home from work and says she wants to go out. Now, that phrase “go out” can meet a lot of things, but she means only one thing. We are going drinking… her little diatribe about how bad it would be to get turned away from a bar 3 days before her birthday would be so traumatic… so we go, and along the way, I get to know that 1) she wants us to hang out, 2) she wants to hang out because going to work and no play is a pain in the butt, even though it is still only Monday, 3) she wants to scope out non-carding bars and 4) she wants to drink. And why does she want to drink? Because she does not want to drink 3 drinks and pass out on her birthday. By the way, her party is on Saturday at the house… we are getting a keg and lots of hard alcohol (I say we, but she meant just her buying. I wouldn’t take that for an answer because I felt really bad about her paying for all the alcohol for her party, so I’m paying half).

We pass Gojjo’s, but that’s not the place, so we head to Dahlak’s; however, it seems to be a BYOB. Later, I find out that is only for the restaurant half. The bar is in the back. Anyway, we walk back to Gojjo’s which is nicer, because the bar is in the front and just a hell of a lot nicer. The bartender is in no way Ethiopian – no, she’s a beautiful blonde. She was great – she asked no questions, though I didn’t look 21 and Jen still looks…well, she’s Jen! Could pass for a – well, I won’t say. Ha. I ordered an Amaretto sour, a straight rum on the rocks and finally a White Russian. Jen ordered a whisky sour, and on my suggestion, a Fuzzy Navel which she swore was too sweet. Well whatever, I finished that one (so I did have 4 nice and strong drinks…I was doing well).

As far as stuff covered, we established that she was the nicest She-Devil on the planet… haha. I told her about not being able to get John Mayer tickets as her birthday present and she tells me that the best present would be my presence. Damn, it makes me feel good to be really wanted around the place! But still, the problem exists – what to get for her? Time is running out!
I get drunk, but surprisingly I don’t act like a fool! (She comments on that; she says something about not giving noogies and breaking bbq’s this time… I tell her about being called sketch…this comes about because we’re arguing over whether sketch or shady is better. She thinks she’s shady at heart and I agree…haha. I say that shady is when people see your actions and expect certain behavior and when you exhibit another side of yourself in another situation, they wonder why you didn’t act this way before, and thus, you’re shady. To illustrate, I say that I am called sketch by one girl because during the day I am quiet and reserved, but at night – I get the move on… I swear, she probably thinks I’m a player or something though I’m totally not; kind of bad example and the fact that I have girls around the house so much.)

I am now her partner for shady activities she says. We go to the shady pool with no water, the shady bar with no alcohol (well, BYOB, and a mistake at that, but preserve the imagery shall we?) and next the shady digs in the shady car. I have to get to work on that one. Haha. I need an old Lincoln, or any big big car that preferably can raise and lower the wheels so we can um, jump it down the road. I don’t remember exactly what else, but I remember talking about lots of stuff. Eventually, we get down to Russian literature and philosophy. I go over my career goals, why I do what I do, and what I want to do about it – and how that pertains to the global scene and a philosophy of living and why do people exist. It rambles, yes. She questions a lot of things, and she is trying to insert a good reasoning into her love of history. Many people tell her the history major is useless; to prove it is not, I try to prove that the gathering of knowledge is never useless, and even useful things don’t have a sense of place and meaning to the individual if not placed int he context of a history. How do we know we are doing modernizing and becoming better? Because we have recourse to a past that wasn’t so good, or so efficient. Or you’re successful now, but before, your family was poor as churchmice – without a history, you are nothing. We are both reading Anna Karenina and I tell her I think Vronsky is a pig and that Anna Karenina, though we are to feel sorry for her, is not worthy of my full pity. It is true that Tolstoy tries to make us hate Mr. Karenin and that I do hate him – Jen agrees with me on that point. She knows my deep and dark secret (which she thinks is a good one). That’s it.

Beautiful potheads.

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When it’s late at night, one can contemplate the nature of the world around him in the peace and silence of his present environment; there is no outside distraction as the world is sleeping, as should you be. But to no avail, because the mind wanders where it likes to wander, and makes connections and inferences and dreams that one will understand through pure thought or discussion with the self. Such was the atmosphere present at this time, when it came upon the present user that in order to better understand himself, he should understand his world – and so, he should update his blog with a point to emphasize the globality of his thoughts and through that, his reason for needing this blog post as well. Thus, we come to the real meat of the matter.

Friday night: Pirates of the Caribbean, Lisa and Jesse attending. Zita, Vivian and friends also, as well as Tracy and Megan. The Asian crew are together, as usual, but as I am a non-Asian Asian, I do not belong to this clique. I am never seen at Lambda, nor do I make my presence known at English House or Kings Court. Tracy and Megan, the beautiful potheads, go to see a movie with one guy. Do they share? Funny thought, that. Party follows at Sigma Phi Epsilon, held by Missy and her house. Notably absent are Ruth and Carmen, though some others are present. Jared and friends, one of which goes to Northwestern, are in for the weekend. While helping to finish a 40, conversation is initiated on several fronts: one to Jared himself about his new job, one to his friend, one to Missy, one to Rachel, some to random girls, and finally, a weird conversation with a girl who is desperately in need of a rebound boy – who I make sure is not me.

I am a listener these days. I listen, and I advise, and I sympathise. I play the nice guy always, and usually, this means ending last. But I have been lucky. I have found people that I can be honest to. I have found people that I don’t have to hide from. Trust is not easily placed, and once there, must be maintained. It has been a hard lesson in the past, but I am learning how important it actually is.

Saturday: Waking up is a hard thing to do, when you have no desire to do much of anything. It is a warm Saturday, perfect for a trip to the beach. However, most people aren’t going, and thus, I spend a quiet afternoon at home. I do decide to go walking downtown for a bit, so I go with Lisa down Walnut to Rittenhosue Square. We stop at Scoop de Vil for the Hot Apple Pie A La Mode and the Strawpapayapple and then we walk for blocks and blokcs around the place. We stop back in Rittenhosue for a picture and then head by the Ethical Society to walk down to 25th and Spruce, seeing many many beautiful houses in the neighborhood. We stopped by one to visit Lisa’s friend, and then we went thru the Schuylkill River Park, and then to the South St. Bridge to go home. We did take a look at the pool around there, which is definitely a public pool. For Sunday, the menu is a roast on the beach. A slow, long roast. I am glad we took the walk; I really needed it. Then, the BBQ with Maggie and friends.

Crazy Busy!

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Why am I always the last one to leave work? They always have to lock me in – that’s kind of good (they think I work hard) but it’s also really bad (I get out at 6???) and then of course, the MCAT class. It was in Bennett today. Not as depressing as DRL, but depressing none the same. I spend three hours in a room with snotty pre-meds. It’s kinda disturbing. I never really knew they were that…cold! Well i got home at 930, tried to make myself a burger and fries and ended up having to make it all up again after I splashed oil on my shirt and undercooked the meat and the fries and burnt plastic onto the side of Jen’s pot (cringe). It worked the second time, but I was already disillusioned with the day. Well, that is…Lisa invited me over to watch Open Your Eyes, a supposedly Spanish version of Vanilla Sky. Of course, I haven’t watched Vanilla Sky so I couldn’t tell whether it really was another version of the movie. One thing I can say about it – it was fucked up. The guy was messed up, moving in and out of dreams, and then we find out his entire world is one big dream, and he is 150 years in the future and not in 1997. It was good, but I was floating in a sea of bewilderment for the 2 hours it took to get to the explanation. I talked to Sandip; Lisa was on the phone with him when I came by.

My neighbors were hanging out over there and Andy invited me to his next party. I went to his party the one night and hung out for a little while. He got me a beer and I went to talk to Ben and his girlfriend (all right, pardon me, so I forgot her name. It’s been a little while. I could never figure out what was holding them together, but whatever. Sketchball? Oh, I think it’s her, but she seems to think otherwise. Ha, she still can’t explain it to me.) Andy said he had told Ash and Jen, tho I think he just told Ash. Ash is in Boston now on some trip. He calls Jen a lot and tells her all his silly stories and she hangs up and says (well, pretty much) “what the hell?” Though she has a really nice way of rephrasing it. I’m going to Ocean City with Lisa and company on Saturday, and then to her BBQ. The plan tomorrow (Friday) is to go see Pirates of the Caribbean at 9:50 with Aparna, Jesse, Anthony, Lisa and Jen. Hopefully, it will turn out as planned! And then, there’s lunch with Rachel on Sunday. Apparently, we’re all crazy busy.


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Jen and I went down to eat out at Astral Plane (17th and Lombard) after work turned out. I got to know her better – it’s just harder hanging out at the house, because I am so careful about the invasion of space. Good thing, because there was a little problem that I will have to be mediator in. When we hang out anywhere outside the house, though (even the front stoop), we just have the best time. She got so tired walking back (as did I, but not as much…it was mostly just to make fun of her shortness) because she left some stuff at the restaurant. The people recognized us and said hello when we went back in. It was kinda funny. I’m glad I got to go out and relax, because the workday was so long. I started early and finished late, but now I have all my antibodies, I have my station stocked and set up, I ran the best Western yet and I got all my samples together. An altogether satisfying achievement. Well, to go back into part of the “little problem” above, Jen had some issues with unwanted attentions, jealousies, blue moods – I am the great Patcher-Upper. I bought her gummi worms and that made her day. Apparently, everyone thinks that they should take her out for coffee…to put it lightly. And this while eating at Astral Plane (the atmosphere – as good as imagined. Rx for the next trip, Circa for the one after that, and then who knows). Well, it’s also good to be able to hear her stories and sound out my own ideas with her opinions. I got to pull out the short joke, and the one about the hitting up two bars and stopping – though it was funny in a peculiar way just for her. I told her to be mean, but of course, she can’t do it. Haha. Last night, as I was eating, I gave Ash some advice on some of his “situations” and he seemed to need it, especially when I heard his up-the-nose theory. Um. Yeah. So I talked to Kathy. She moved into a new place in the French Quarter – she has her own Chamber of Secrets and she is 16 minutes from work. She takes karate, works long hours at a business firm and gets flown all over the place, is trying to visit an oil rig one of these workdays, and is crazy as usual. So currently, she’s booked me for Egypt the weekend after we get back for school. She is SO fun! I can’t wait. Manic Molly…remember RX (restaurant)? Remind me! Also after we get back to school. Well, that was my day really…even though I spent the entire night tiring myself out downtown, I had a lot of fun. More of these trips….this is already a great summer. Thanks guys!


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Does the blog necessarily have to separate when it wants to be a diary and when it wants to be a ramble on thoughts in progress? Well, I mean, nothing really happened today (save one important incident that bears mention in another part of this blog – oh wait, but that’s a private entry…maybe some other time guys!). I went to work this morning and stayed in the lab the entire day – everyone left early and I was stuck in the lab for 5 hours, until I finished everything I could do. I was heading down to Bryn Mawr to take the free MCAT session to persuade me to take the course – unfortunately, a lot of bad things happened to make me late enough to not even think it worthwhile to go. Well, I ate dinner downtown (while Jen ate at Marathon Grill, arr) and came back and hung around and talked to Kaplan and hung out with Anthony and Greg, those two crack me up – they live across from psychotic Erica (why psychotic..I don’t really know) and there’s so much drama with Piggy and Nene After Nine and Steve and god knows what. It’s so dramatic that it suddenly feels non-dramatic. No more surprise; it’s gossip without the sting because the stories are getting kinda recycled. Had a beer. Played some pool. Went to FroGro. Had some cake. Played some perfect Dark, talked a little with Ash. Typed this, and let’s call it a day. Oh, but somewhere in this morass of not-quite-events, there was that incident. This is a “oh, i want a hot dog so bad” moments – but you have to be on a need-to-know basis. Ha, I even know but don’t really “know” what’s going on. At this point, all I can say is that Wednesday is gonna be the big day.

Here in this diary I write you visions of my summer. It was the best I ever had, there were choruses and singalongs and not a spoken feeling. I know it’s not right now is all that matters…all the nights that we stayed up talking, listening to eighties songs and quoting lines from all those movies that we loved. It still brings a smile to my face! I guess what it comes down to is that being grown up is not half as fun as growing up. These are the best days of our lives. The only thing that matters is following your heart, and eventually, you’ll get it right. Breaking into hotel swimming pools and wreaking havoc on our world…and you know that truck stop is just to pass the time. The blacktop is singing me to sleep. Lighting fireworks in parking lots, illuminating the blackest nights. Cherry Cokes under this moonlit summer sky. 2015 Riverside, it’s time to say goodbye! Get on the bus, it’s time to go! Being grown up is not half as fun as growing up. These are the best days of our lives. Get it right…. get it right… Being grown up is not half as fun as growing up. These are the best days of our lives. The only thing that matters is following your heart, and eventually, you’ll get it right. Being grown up is not half as fun as growing up. These are the best days of our lives. Being grown up is not half as fun as growing up. These are the best days of our lives. The only thing that matters is following your heart, and eventually, you’ll get it right. – In This Diary, the Ataris

Get this. Lousy mosquito bit me on the forehead. This “it’s too hot, cool off the house by leaving the door open and having the insects move in and bite me to pieces every night” has GOT to stop.

Just downloaded: Marlena Shaw – California Soul and Mercy Mercy Mercy, Dante Thomas – Miss California, Kelly’s Song – VNV Nation remix, the Platters – Blue Moon, the Presidents of the United States of America – Naked and Famous, the All-American Rejects – Swing Swing, Hapa – Panihui Aloha, Typical Hawaiians – Local Girls, Harry Belafonte – Coconut Woman, DJ Shadow – Funky Breakbeats, the New Pornographers – Mass Romance