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An astonishing day – so far, the best day of an astonishing week. Living in this place, making sure that not only doing what I can for my social salvation on a Friday, or a Saturday night, but balancing cooking, talking and studying, though I only do that at work. PSA Video Store, reassigning shifts, now Sunday 8-11, Tuesday 8-11, and Thursday 5-8 with Shorty. Most days expect to see Tristan, who otherwise lives at the store – he’s manager. Then there’s Tracy, who was before known as pot girl….she’s director of the Video Store. Something about default. Soon enough, I will have quiet company on Sundays and Tuesdays, though rather a distraction for my nights. Cold and lonely will be warm and exciting. Lizz with the broken leg, Brandon, Jessica, some of the others – I also catch up on the PSA backgrounds by other sources…. catch the video store party someday soon, the PSA dinner and the *oops* at jlm’s place! Third week has been wonderful – auditions very much over (except for leads in Singers)…Glee Club and Singers rehearsals, Players talks, AMSA website stuff, SHOOP meetings, trainings coming up soon, PMAH meetings that I can’t attend, retreat coming this weekend, SMAC, CHAC, PAC, finish up this UA application. Then comes this morning, planning meals, buying food, chopping up chicken, and marinating chicken in tomato and capers sauce, cleaning up room, kicking out roommate (haha, not really, but he understood that this was important). After rehearsal, picked up jlm for some good times for two hours before we both had to run off – cookin veggies with lemon and oregano, then the chicken in the sauce, poured over chicken basmati rice, along with the gazpacho. Then the dessert: cobbler cobbler cobbler! rambling down memory lane, as usual… some other stuff, off to work, where sat for hours watching simpsons episodes, listening to music, checking mail, marking up videos for rent or charting penncard numbers, wishing i had my phone but not having it, and then jumping for joy when i got out, ready to go home and have a good time in my room….now that i got brenna to go on retreat, i will have some good people to chat with – happy for her and new guy. saw becca on walk while waiting for jlm – had lunch with kathy, abp, had such a good convo. missed talking to her. she told me all about things – she’s moving right on… i hope things turn out well for her. i told her a little about things, enough to let her know i’m very VERY excited about how things are going… i’m gonna try and hit up becca’s potluck on thursday nite, it’s great…time to shut this tap off and go to bed, or i’ll go crazy talking, this verbal diarrhea as described by sourabh, this stream of consciousness thing as described by five letter name starting with m and lately, same starting with b. haha, precautionary measures.


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It is said that only aspirants to perfection are incredibly nitpicky over “states” – that is, states of being, states of mind, emotional states, intellectual states. Yoga, meditation, incantations, then literary circles, argumentative soirees, diary keeping (blogging and logging count), that and huge crying jags. Well. So much for the typical.

I have this incredible idea that I’m working out for a novel. The descriptions of the chapters itself take up a couple pages – so I’m sure that once written, it will be by far a very interesting and complicated work. The only problem? It will take too much time. I keep on adding to this description, adding character touches and such – mostly as notations and guidelines for myself to make the task of writing a lot easier. Writing is actually hard, so if the characters are in place and a plot, and emotional twists and that sort of thing laid out and not available for renegotiation until after the whole thing is written, it is SO much easier. So that I will do.

running full speed into walls
i can’t seem to stop, enthralled
by the mere sight, though I fall
there’s no sound down this hall,
just one sigh on this pub crawl.