Why Being Home is OK? Yeah, I have to give myself reasons.

Posted in Personal on March 9th, 2004 by byronkho

Spring Break is almost over. At this time last year, I thought that, in one year, I’d be sitting on the sunny beaches of Acapulco, Cancun, or even the muddy streets of London. Being a realist, I understood that no money meant no trip, and no trip meant coming home. Which I did. I’m not here to complain about being home – no, no – but rather, key you in on a couple important differences than when I’m usually home.

1. I drive more often. I drive everywhere. And while you could say that everyone does that, that’s boring – I do it with a bunch of crazy people that I shouldn’t drive around town, or leave in ditches 90 miles from home, or make fun of while I’m at the wheel. That cement wall has no sympathy.

2. I’m playing concerts every day. Concerts mean money. Big money. And the schmooze face gets so much practice – so much, in fact, that my smile muscles are so so tired. And all those people! I loved your playing, you’re awesome, blah blah blah. Thanks, it was an honor, no, a privilege, you were a great audience, thank you SO much, of course I try, hope you enjoyed it… And that fat thumb muscle is getting a workout! That’s the pianist’s muscle, if you should know. Also, I get to kick ass and take names, and get all the glory. And once in a while, a hot chick. Yes, the piano is a great stimulant, and somehow, better than that old powdered rhino horn people tell me to use. Yum, baby.

3. Oh my god! I updated my website! Yes, I had time for that. I added some of my crap work to it – ok, pretty good work, anyway, and hope that somebody somewhere will read it and say, this guy doesn’t suck as much as I thought!

4. My mom isn’t yelling at me every day. She has a job, and is taking CNA classes (I have to teach her all this crap since I did it before) and has no time to bug me. I’m happy.

5. I’m getting so much work done. Not a bonus, just a cold hard fact. Sad, I guess. Maybe this is a minus?

6. I can look forward even more to getting back to school.

7. No more reasons.