Posted in Uncategorized on January 12th, 2005 by byronkho

Strange places we find ourselves.

Been trippin’ when thinking about places to work after this is all done. Talked with Brenna with maybe something out in New York at Howard Hughes. In case I’m aiming too high, I always have the Smell & Taste thing, but will I really be happy? Back in Philly for another year?

Unwise purchases? Speakin’ of… I’m still razzed about that stupid cheese. I sent out an e-mail to the Club listserve, and Ben was like, we have to spend the money anyway. Well, instead of a cheese, why don’t we buy something actually funny for the show?

I told Lo about drinking when I got back here, and when I saw here, she was like, when’s the big party? Uhh, not exactly. Though I really should have one this semester…

What should I do for Spring Break beside nothing? Good question. I hear about all those guys goin’ to Jamaica (where she went) and Caroline talking about Cali, and I think, oh no. Sun. That’s where I need to be.

Andrew’s one lucky guy. Though Katie’s always soaring away, she’s the best friend a guy could have. Though she really shouldn’t eat grey poupon with all those breakfast meat logs. It’s just not healthy. Hehe. She’s still holding out on that game of strip poker she promised.

Met some girl on my floor who is from Toronto and I told her about Catriona Revell from Belleville. When she asked why people from small towns come to big schools so far away, I wondered just why Cat was here. Then I realized it didn’t matter.

Bush is gone to Cambridge, and Bobys is back. This contiual nagging reminder of my inability to study abroad in England (and Scotland, where I alternately wanted to go). Assad IMs the other day, and I’m like, the lucky bastard is out there. Where I want to be. But then, everybody wants to be in London.