Posting after a long absence.

Posted in Uncategorized on May 8th, 2007 by byronkho

This is my first blog posting in a long time. It’s not even at the usual spot. Oh well… the point is, I’m re-inserting myself into the modern world here. Just like the rest of those drivel-spewing snobs, I’m here to provide to you, dear reader, a lengthy dissertation of all items within my purview. Here is my life, my needs, my loves, my wants, my utter being – presented to you in such an imprecise manner as to invite misinterpretation.

Saw Rachel tonight for dinner… she’s doing really well. I’m always amazed at how far that softspoken girl goes, and how comfy we are even after so many months of not seeing each other. Staff dinner with Alexis, Norm and Brian at Loie’s tomorrow night. Also, Mother’s Day at McCormick and Schmick’s on Friday. Saturday is the huge gala… that’s gonna be a tough day. Rehearsing all morning, playing for Monty’s reading and then performing America the Beautiful and one other piece at the gala. Man, I still have to find the music. And pay for my spot. Haha, Ben’s probably frothing for the moolah right around now.

Ireland next week. I am excited, as I should be. I will be hanging out with Neha Bidet-ha, Keuts and Glassman. Monty and Nord will be there, but I can’t see drinking up a storm with either one of them. I am looking forward to spending some time with Katelyn (hopefully she’s still in Belfast), and definitely seeing Becca in London and Caroline in Brussels. This trip will be heaven before the work grind. Bah.

Katelyn and I at the White Party. Photo by Katelyn Allen.

I’m looking forward to watching Heroes in a few minutes. Latest episode, courtesy of modern technology. The only show I have ever watched religiously, and for good reason. Good job, writers. Introduce normal people in normal situations and give them extra stress: dealing with being an ordinary hero. If I could have any power, I’d be taking Peter Petrelli’s power. I don’t think having a power would be cool unless someone else was there to sympathize and mull it over with. Who better than the person who is donating their power to you for all the time you’re in contact?