Ireland, Belgium.

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Back from Ireland and cleaned up all the work stuff. Several networks dropping out of the incentive industry, so that made a few waves. We’re dealing with it pretty well – signed on a few great clients and developing some great sites to increase our volume. By the way, as a soft sell (the only one, I promise), we’ve got shopping cashback at AEROPOSTALE, TARGET (10%!), CIRCUIT CITY, STAPLES, BEST BUY, BARNES & NOBLE, AKADEMIKS, APPLE ITUNES, the APPLE STORE, AVON, GAMESTOP and much more at

Got $800 credit from Continental for hopping off the flight to Dublin. Stayed a day in New Yawk with a couple people (sketchy HoJos was full, so we got a room at the Days) and saw Tarzan. Jane is hot. Me like Jane. Show was pretty ehh, though the beach scene was pretty cool. Flight to Dublin, drinks at the oldest pub in Ireland, Jameson tour and quick whisky guzzle, quickie tour of downtown… and then off on a 2-week whirl around one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s all green, I kid you not. Miles and miles of rolling green-ness, and more green I have not seen back here in the United States. Crazy. So I’m sitting at this old Irish abbey on top of a hill and for MILES, you can see down into the surrounding countryside and I think… this is the most peaceful place EVER. It’s so quiet.

I liked Limerick, despite its moniker of Stab City. I didn’t get stabbed, and I met some cute chick who was drifting off a bachelorette party and… damn, that really made my time in Limerick. I found some awesome restaurants there and had the best fish fry I can remember – though lots of fish fries came after that that were pretty damn good. The weird thing for me was the mixing. Old people and young fashionistas, all rolling it like it was 1979, in the same pub. Sitting next to some mom and pop couple and their friends (who are into their 4th round) and in come these 20-somethings looking for a lay, and there’s no thought of “ohmygod, the scene is, like, so awful tonight”. Well, at least they stayed for a while, so it couldn’t have been that bad. In another town, I did the same thing (going by myself this time), and there I was, the only Asian in a bar full of crazy wacko Irish people singing karaoke badly. Same vibe, hotties and oldies doing the limbo too. They all love “You’ll Never Walk Alone” over there. Dunno why.

Neha, Joel and I in Eireann. Slainte! Photo by Joel Bronstein.

I went to stay at Caroline’s place in Belgium some of the time. Getting the hang of the trains was fun (with heavy luggage, two layers on a hot day and lack of sleep) but once I was at her house – it was like heaven. Her family is just great, and Caroline’s fights with the family are just SO amusing to watch. Sister is a budding singer, Mom is a retired (I think) film person and Dad does equity. Quite a well-read, well-traveled household. Another girl from Brazil was there, and hitting up the salsa clubs with both of them (awesome dancers) was great. Especially when every salsa-dancing gigolo was making eyes at my two chicas – I was the MAN that night. The doors open wide on a good-sized country estate in a medieval village, with pretty gardens and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. So peaceful there. I could have stayed there forever. Good news. I may be able to go back there some time. I can be good with people when I make the effort :)

My house is beginning to be PIMP. My room is totally set, with furniture courtesy of IKEA, garage sales and deaths of old ladies with antique furniture. The movers brought over my piano and the fabulous ass statue a few days ago. That’s what I’m calling the marble carving that looks, from various descriptions, like a woman’s ass or a vagina. Great conversation piece. Next project, TV stand and sofa. Next project after that, painting the stairs. Then landscaping for the backyard… and finally, a deck for the roof. My spot will be the happeningest spot in all of the Fitzwater crackhouse developments.