Who I Want To See Next…

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Listening to Falling Slowly from the Swell Season cd and Once soundtrack, by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. It’s incredible. Great for a dying sunset in the North somewhere, sitting with a brew and a furry friend at your feet.

Just finished casting for Songs for a New World. I’m enthralled by the music, finally. It took a long time before I could say I liked it… but I guess that came with being able to do it, and with people that can sing it incredibly well. I just hope three months from now, after we’ve pounded it to death, I can still say I like it. So many great people tried out, making the decision very hard. And so many influences on the decision. What a fatiguing day though. Right after the auditions, I hung out a bit, went home, had dinner, and crashed at like 10 PM. That never happens.

Since I’m going to be on campus a lot more often, again, I hope to see more of Elizabeth Bauman (who has a much greater range and ability than I saw in Charlie Brown) and Alex Feldman, who’s still at Architecture school or something. Rehearsing for such a small show means I’ll be clustered with 5 people for three months… too bad I’ll miss out on seeing other theatre people I haven’t been able to see in a while. It’s a little weird being the alumni that’s been around for so many years. I know more subsequent years of gossip than the people being gossiped about, and sometimes it makes for an internally awkward first meeting with some people that I’ve heard so much about but haven’t met until whatever point.

Business-wise, pretty excited. A few big advertisers are jumping on board, and our numbers are stable AND growing. 2007 was a great year for us, but I hope to make 2008 even better. Going to Las Vegas in a few weeks, and can’t wait to get settled at the Wynn (a first) and splurge on a few things before have to come back. Wonder what the parties will be like this year. Sarah J will be there again, and she’s promised at least one night of craps and assorted drunkenness so DEFINITELY looking forward to that. Also present will be the cool kids from Swish, and possibly the one I called “cougar”. I never found out if she was actually pissed at that or amused. Ah, those ringtone reps.

SFANW Cast Announcement

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MAN 1: Johnny Lloyd

MAN 2: Dave Doyle

WOMAN 1: Maya Tepler

WOMAN 2: Sheira Feuerstein

Casting for Songs for a New World by Jason Robert Brown. While I can’t give specific details, I can say that this was really hard. We had to cast a four person show, all of whom have to be great musicians and talented vocalists with large ranges and a powerful high range. Man 1 has to sing up to a high F#, which is SO high. And do it melodically. I can hit the note personally, but it’s too high and sounds like a squawk. Thus… the problem. We found a lot of talented people, but we can only cast four. I’m excited for the rehearsal process now.