Vegas, 2008 style.

Posted in Uncategorized on February 26th, 2008 by byronkho

Just got back from Vegas, where Norman and I attended the Affiliate Summit West conference at the Rio. It was a ridiculous few days. We stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacations the first night, which was a pretty good deal: $200 a night for a very large suite. It paled, however, in comparison with the suite we had at the Wynn the next night. Luckily enough, we were kept waiting in line for 30 minutes. Sound lucky? Not yet. I was definitely pissed, and it was evident there was something wrong with our floor. I never found out what, but by the time it was our turn, the receiptionist gave us the first other rooms available, no matter what it was. Our room was a huge upgrade… from a small cheap room in the “hoi polloi” section of the hotel to one of the Salon Suites in the five-diamond five-star Tower Suites at the Wynn, and at the rate for the small cheap room. Yes, I’m still entranced by wealth. So this 1800 square foot suite just swept me off my feet… massage table, 50″ plasma HDTV, huge living room, wet bar, marble floors everywhere, enormous soaking tub, mirrors on the ceiling, and a sweet, sweet bed. Made up for losing $60 at the blackjack tables. I don’t spend a lot on gambling, maybe up to $100 in a trip. I’d rather spend on my hotel room:)

And food. We went to a few great meals: Bouchon at the Venetian (in their Grand Suites section, pretty swanky), Tao at the Venetian (just like the New York one… and their sake samplers, oy veh!), and Bartolotta at the Wynn. The two breakfasts at the Palms and Rio don’t count. Man, some amazing dishes. I’ve also never paid $80 for a half bottle of wine, so while that isn’t crazy in the overall scheme of things (and in the world of GREAT wines), that’s still a first for me. Even with the mountains of money we make, it’s better off to stockpile it (and use it only once in a while in giant orgies of food). Shows? O was amazing. So was Crazy Horse ;)

I had a bazillion meetings there, with Andrew Buckingham, Jaeson Hildebrandy and Mitali Tayal from NeverblueAds, Matt Wasserman from RocketProfit, Chris Denk from Motive Interactive, Bryan VanAlmkerk from Aquasis Media, Victor Valdez and Kevin from Affnet, Nick Podrasky from Memolink, vincent Padilla from Monetizeit, Matt Patterson, Sam and Divya from Swish Marketing, Shannon Foley and Kim White from TheMediaCrew, Lou DiFulvio from Media Breakaway, Vinh Vo and Neville Campbell from Viral Media, Jackie Bates from LinkConnector, Rani Nagpal from Zanox, Sarah Jankowski from WebTraffic2Go, Michelle Ichinose from AKMG, Alejandro Correa from SilverCarrot, Danielle Eager from Kowabunga, Deema Chahine and Sarah Butterfield from TrafficVenue, Daniel Choi from Atrinsic, Matt Conlin and Diana Herriott from Clash Media, and even JP Sauve from MaxBounty (awkward as that meeting was). All these names may mean nothing to most people, but they mean hundreds of thousands in revenue for me – so I can’t let any of them slip by without a hello. They’re also good ins for the private parties (ahem Affnet at the Leadflash private party, ahem Danielle last year for that Pussycat Dolls private party at Pure). The other big party was at the club part of Tao, where I got to see Blue Man Group (eh, whatever), and long lineups at the bar. LONG lineups.