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Posted in Uncategorized on March 7th, 2008 by byronkho

Songs: New Soul by Yael Naim, Only Fooling Myself by Kate Voegele, Sweet and Low by Augustana, D.A.N.C.E. by Justice, Ocean City Girl by Ivy, I Hear the Bells by Mike Doughty, Drivin Me Wild by Common and Lily Allen, Heaven or Hell by Joy Denalane and Raekwon.

My readership grows! For all intents and purposes, I hardly write on this thing… but once in a while I do, and it’s great to hear some feedback. Especially from people you really miss, half way around the world. :) OK, for this particular shoutout, Caroline will get some royalties. She asked for a visit? She may very well get one. Speaking of other people I’ve missed, I got back in touch with Brenna last month (it’s been a while but I can’t wait for Chicago), Christine (whom I ran into on the sidewalk outside of Houston), Kate (who’s finally married), Deidre (who’s gonna get married), John (who’s doing something or other in some city or other… I forget. I’m a bad friend.), the Glee guys (except for Steve, who probably is still pissed with me and didn’t show on Friday) and Monty (his theatre-christening ceremony is happening in May and I’m playing for it!).

Dinner last night at La Viola with the cast of SFANW and half the Intuitons board. As designated old person, I had to buy the 4 bottles of premium wine with which they we regaled ourselves. I ended up drinking a lot of that wine, but wasn’t so lucky as Dave, who could continue to get totally plastered at a party at his house later that night. I worked it off instead. One of the bottles was this pretty good battle of “Fat Bastard” wine. According to the label, some porcine and rotund Frenchman tasted the cider vinegar in its oak cask and exclaimed “ah! zat is ze phet bastard!”. Spoken, of course, in the most stereotypical and broad Francophonic squeak. Reminds me of that episode of Family Guy, where Peter thinks he can speak Italian with the wild gestures and totally non-Italian babble that unfortunately does sound like someone speaking Italian: “Babety Boopity!” That was mentioned a couple times last night.

The show is on good strong legs now. Sheira currently needs the most work on her solos, but everything else in the show vocally is up to par. Bah for missing one week of rehearsals! All I need is a few rehearsals with the band now (and all the instruments thereof… hopefully) and we can put up a great show, musically. Dramatically, they have to work a bit. Since these are really character-driven scenes with no added dialogue, it’s going to be a lot of work to pitch a persona during even one song – never mind a character arc throughout a show. Some interesting stories have come out during some of the devising rehearsals, but all rather vague in the final count. We’ll definitely have to see a little more planning time.

SOme great things happening with the business. Higher overall daily revenue and profits, plus our first large-scale campaign deployment and one of our old competitors finally working with us on a few things. I’ve never felt pride should come before business, but there’s always been this line between all of us in the Big Three. I call it that because we started at the same time and created the biggest GPT sites in the business from which everything else basically followed – it was a mad rush after we began our methods, with much more personalized customer service, huge active forums, unlimited choice of offers and merchants from which to shop at, etc. We branched out into network advertising pretty quickly, and into other marketing channels as well, but it seems the rest didn’t follow. They both concentrated on their site and let their sites grow. Which was good for them, I suppose. They made a lot of money, but to us, it seemed like putting all your eggs in one basket. Unless you’re headed to grow to the level of a MyPoints or Memolink, it’s tough to just be in the incentive business only. And just one kind too!

According to Alexa, we have a ranking in the 34,000 range, with 65.5% of our traffic dedicated to US, UK and Canadian traffic. These are easy stats to get a hold of, and are a good testament to our collection of publishers and the aggregated traffic they bring. We also have a large stable of offers available to international traffic, so the other 34.5% are definitely getting serviced. It’s great to see our traffic being used wisely, whereas other networks and sites have close or higher percentages of international traffic without the werewithal to monetize them.

Is it bad when you’re hitting on 18-year old chicks at parties? I feel that’s somehow wrong…. but I guess the hitting on 30+-year old cougars at affiliate marketing conferences makes up for that.