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First things first:

Quadramics Presents:

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Produced by Jared Newman

Directed by Genna Erlikhman

Music Directed by Byron Kho

Book by Bert Shelove and Larry Gelbart

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Thursday 4/16 at 8:00 pm

Friday 4/17 at 8:00 pm and midnight

Saturday 4/18 at 8:00 pm

$10 at the door

Iron Gate Theater, 37th + Chestnut Sts.

I’ll be done that show in about three days. In the news section, I post a castlist but it’s changed since February. (Proteans: Reni Ellis, Rebecca Levine, Saraleah Cogan. Courtesans: Andrea Kohn, Christina Mancheno, Cass Ichniowski, EJ Baker and Allison Karic.) Everything’s come together well… I have a good cast, a good pit, all technical issues fixed up before day of show… I’m happy. The show’s pretty funny too, and the technical aspects (set, lights, sound, costumes) are all pretty well managed this time. I’ve gotta say I was not impressed with Reefer Madness, but I think this show is a lot more disciplined and well-cast. Somebody said today that Eileen even emotes Kristen Bell better. Mwahahaha.

Though I’ve really enjoyed this show and will miss working with the people on it, I’ll be glad to be past it. When it’s done, I’ll have finished up a month and a half of solid stress – working through a tax audit, redoing all our books and accounting mechanisms, rehearsing a show, dealing with lawyers, lawyers, lawyers. And of course the usual “wtf happened to the server” issues, which is my next stress point. Though fortunately, I only worry about outcomes since I won’t be doing any of the server management and configuration. We’re getting new servers that will better handle the ramped up traffic we’ve been receiving the last few weeks (!) than the laggy service we’re getting now.

In other news: Rebecca is moving back into Philadelphia, as is Alex. Olivia’s going home next week. I’m co-purchasing another house in Philadelphia. Rachel lives even closer to me (though I have yet to say boo) and Dave is pretty close to me as well. With Dave, that’s 3 people I’ve talked to in the last month who want to get into the film industry real badly. Dave’s working on some M. Night Shyamalan movie right now; Saraleah wants some production assistant job in LA; and Andrea’s graduating and becoming a film editor in LA or somewhere else that needs her skills. She worked for a company that made her watch movies and shows and code their content. I was like, I’d want that job… but then I’d probably actually watch the stuff and forget about the coding. A bunch of people I know got married this past year… man, how time flies.

I’m going to Miami and another cruise in August. Assad gets married in August in Lahore and I want to attend the ceremony and pig party in Islamabad, but I don’t have the time to spend. And frankly, I’m just a tad nervous about going to Pakistan right now… I’m also going to Hartford some time this summer so I can chill with Lisa, whose company just got re-funded by USAID and so she’ll be staying around. I can’t wait to outdoors it. Neha seems to hate Boston, so I told her we’d hang when I went to CT and Maine; she could come hang in the wilderness for a while. Though fitting a peacock into a backpack might be a stretch. I’m also planning on attending an Adwords seminar next month, and hitting up AdTech NY and/or Chicago, as well as Affiliate Summit NY and Las Vegas whenever those are. Once we change out the servers, we can really start ramping up more traffic for the Unlocker!

I love the theme from Dollhouse, even if I think the show kind of sucks. It has a great premise but I think they could have done it better. Anyway, the theme is by Jonatha Brooke and entitled “What You Don’t Know”. Her last album, The Works, takes the lyrics of Woody Guthrie (this land is our land) and sets music to it. Pretty nice actually, it’s real relaxing. Adult contemporary, stuff that plays on NPR and hits up World Cafe. That song, All You Gotta Do is Touch Me, is pretty hot. Been listening to lots of music lately, and I hit up this Somalian artist named K’naan. He’s pretty good… he has this one duet with Nelly Furtado (on YouTube somewhere) that’s pretty chill. He gets in a harder groove with If Rap Gets Jealous with the guitarist from Metallica. And there’s that Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent. I gotta say, the emotional design of that one episode is going to be hard to match. Take one really ugly person (“never been kissed”), make tons of fun of her, show people laughing at her, show her self-confidence despite everything – and then show her singing an amazing solo. Yes, there’s other good singers out there, but the emotional artifacts of this ugly duckling story make for a greater narrative. One more great song: New in Town (Fred Falke Vocal Remix) – Little Boots. I wanna take you out tonight, I wanna make you feel alright, I don’t have a lot of money but we’ll be fine, no I don’t have a penny but I’ll show you a good time… oh man, so jealous of Lexie, who went to see MSTRKRFT and Sebastien Tellier at TLA and the Starlight this month already, and JV who went to see Death Cab for Cutie while the rest of us were rehearsing. Bah, missing some great, great concerts.

Oh, planning on seeing Star Trek, Terminator, Harry Potter, Transformers all at KoP IMAX next couple weeks. Just thought I’d put it out there if anyone wanted to go too.