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Woohoo! Canada won both female and male hockey gold medals. YEAH! And probably the last person….. finally watched some recaps of the opening ceremony. I like the look, I agree with all the people who said it was better than Beijing. Though that’s not a final opinion since I still haven’t watched the whole thing.

Break Your Heart remix finally out. Took them long enough!

This weekend was amazing. Thanks for saving Friday, Rachel. You need to call me out at 1 AM WAY more often. Saturday: best Glee show as an alum; Neha, Ah-rex and Irish Pub; Meagan and Chris hitched (almost); first time at Penne; singing along to Party in the USA; Thomases suggest I open a mailing list and put them first; I’m signed up for the 150’s (big deal!!); reminiscing about hot women, at Mad4; a trumpeter (finally); Mike maybe picking up acting/directing at Fringe; learning Elaine is on Gawker and wondering how you actually get to host a Gawker weekly other than being smokin hot (oh, so no problem for me then… haha). Caitlin moving back in, 3 weeks-ish from now. Brenna in town in 2 weeks, same with Neha Bidet-ha. May-ish Baltimore roadtrip for Rachel! Possible Avatar IMAX 3D next week. Sweeney is turning out swell, new business is coming in, etc etc. Good week all around (save for one offer situation to resolve this week).

Yes, yes, for the better.

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Ahmadinejad and Avatar

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Iran 3D

Holla. He’s watching Avatar, supposedly. Speaking of Avatar, here’s a video from some guy’s first assignment for film class.

CFV 426 – Avatar/Pocahontas Mashup FINAL VERSION from Randy Szuch on Vimeo.

I agree with Bill Maher.

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World Cup 2010, K’naan, Paypal.

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I love the new World Cup 2010 anthem for South Africa. I think I might bother to watch some of the games this time around… not just because I love the song (haha) but I actually like watching soccer games. It’s just a pain in the ass to start watching a team, miss a bunch of games and then try to catch up. My attention span is way too short for that. Speaking of games, sometimes I did wish I had cable or satellite… hmm. Maybe later this year.

K’naan sings for that number but he’s a Somali rapper from Mogadishu and later, Toronto.  Homiez.  Love his beats and rhymes though.  ABC was da bomb for me earlier but lately, Bang Bang has been my go-to for getting pepped up.

Paypal, as of two weeks ago, pulled personal payments and many business payments going to Indian customers.  The issue hasn’t been made clear by Paypal but it seems to be some issue with RBI, an Indian bank that is fighting with Paypal regarding payment tracking.  I assume the government of India may be concerned due to issues with taxation and anti-terrorism – since there are huge issues regarding business payments increasingly made as personal payments to avoid fees and tracking of business expenditure.  Not a big deal for us; our Indian customers will have to deal with just wire payments… though of course, there are fees involved.  I’m sure other companies are reeling.. all those that have Indian subcontractors or publishers will have to find alternate ways of paying them.

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Crapads? What?

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These guys have bought up expensive online adspace… how do they afford it?  Are they jokers?  Or are they serious?  For some reason, I think they’re brilliant.  Go, Dr. Letch!  Affiliate marketing has a lot to learn from this guy…

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Amiel, Janelle Monae and more Company vids.

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OMG. Found Amiel again. Loved her Round and Round which I got months ago on a random JP playlist. Some dudes included her on a video parodying the universal usage of 4 chords, so I looked up the song they quoted and its actually a really good song. What was weird was that she was signed to Ministry of Sound, which I thought was purely house/prog/electro type stuff… so I looked her up to find out why they signed her. Turns out her last name is Daemion (super cool) and she was one half of Addicted to Bass, a drum and bass song I’ve been crushing on for years. A few years ago they remixed the song and filmed a Mad Max tribute as the music video. Hot. She also did Meet Me in the Red Room from Moulin Rouge. The stupid part comes next. Apparently her CDs were released in Japan by Sony, and so Australia, where she’s based out of, actually had to import her initial releases. Other than Addicted to Bass, of course, which did some major selling in Australia but wasn’t her solo stuff. I (as a potential customer myself) looked on Amazon and a few other major music websites and found out that I can only buy imports. They don’t make her stuff easy to get and at reasonable prices here in the States, not for CD purchase or download… bah. So fingers crossed… it only took Amazon one whole year to get Ladyhawke over here – and that was with some major publicity work from her end. I don’t think Amiel’s been that pushy.

Janelle Monae at Johnny Brenda’s March 18. No David Hasselhoff concert?

Official videos from Fall 2009’s Company. Enjoy.

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Carbon Trading and Shutter Island music.

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Guestbook at the Altes Museum: yeah, trampolines.

Show cast and rehearsals started. Yay!

so this carbon trading BS… was reading this one example of a company who was using some green method to make their products which would have cut down usage of carbon by a whole shitload, so they took those offsets and packaged them to sell to other companies who wanted to pollute more and would pay for it. its packaged in 5 year quantities so they were selling 20 years worth, and its valued at $100 million. now understand that these carbon offsets can only really exist if the company actually makes products and then saves that carbon.

So next part of story: company goes bankrupt, no more orders, they shut down factory. BUT theyve already sold the offsets through carbon trade exchanges. so they net $100 million for not making or selling their products, the company or companies who bought it can use the carbon offsets to pollute more, and the go-betweens make tons of money. and the final result? instead of zero extra carbon being generated, there’s now that much more carbon polluting the atmosphere.

The story was focused on the futility of carbon trading as a basis for cleaning up the environment. That nations will set their own baseline for acceptable carbon levels whenever they want to, that the people who test for carbon emissions have their own agenda and a virtual monopoly on the business so that they can warp their conclusions to increase their bottom line (and which they have, to get paid more), that the reasons for carbon emissions are different so carbon trading doesn’t really work (eg. reducing number of cows on a farm is way different from shutting down half a factory), that it’s a shell game that makes it look like stuff is being done when it actually isn’t. And might actually be MORE harmful.

My take on all of this was something a bit different: the Kyoto protocol and other political environmental conferences have done nothing but create new types of securities. As these carbon offsets can be manipulated into all kinds of complicated packaging, it’s like those crazy derivatives being sold by the major investment banks that were also anchored on nothing, or toxic instruments. In this case, it’s real toxic instruments. One day, the world will be much worse off than it is today and a) we’ll realize the earth is still in trouble and b) that the carbon offsets being sold have negligible value since no one will be able to agree on what they represent once times get tough – and that’s when the markets collapse on them, and the bubble bursts. We never learn. We shouldn’t fool ourselves that we’re saving the planet when we’re only figuring out ways to look good making it worse.

The Shutter Island soundtrack is pretty great. Creepy music, mostly classical selections. The most listenable one is the one I posted above. It’s a remix of an orchestral score and Dinah Washington’s Bitter Earth… and it’s just so sad. Tear, tear.