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Sly Fox 113 IPA. NoLibs: Darling’s Diner and A Full Plate. The Institute, Sour Mash, Liana on mandolin. Taboo and brandy. Nellie McKay and 3 encores. All good. This coming week: even better!

Not your typical bluegrass junkie.

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Heard the West Philly Orchestra tonite at Tritone. They’re definitely good. Foot stomping Balkan music (I gotta learn how to dance this properly, as it might behoove me to do so…. yeah!) and each musician a very talented individual (I can tell). Nice crowd… cooler than the usual Tritone crew. Met a sweet mandolin player from a local bluegrass band. Suggested Bluegrass Thursdays at Fiume, a bar I now have to go to. Hung out a bunch with Djo, whose on tour playing gigs and then doing some recording with bands here and there. I def like meeting musicians from the philly music scene. Intro’d to a few people from the Dixieland Project, and the drummer from WPO.

Books, Art and Scandal.

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Hereafter: not as good as I thought it would be. However, still touching. The kid was kind of wooden, and I’m not sure I’m really a fan of the otherwise unrelated storylines but chance encounter ties them all together format…

Nellie McKay is superb.

Finished a lot of books over the last few weeks. Agatha Christie, “Sad Cypress,” “Murder in Mesopotamia,” “Mystery of the Blue Train,” and “The Murder at the Vicarage”. John Lescroart, “Hard Evidence.” Lincoln Child, “Death Match.” Steven Saylor, “The House of the Vestals.” Lee Child, “61 Hours.” Warren Murphy and Molly Cochran, “Grandmaster.” Boris Akunin, “The Winter Queen.” Ruth Rendell, “13 Steps Down.” Edward Rutherfurd, “New York.” John Le Carre, “A Most Wanted Man.” Clive Egleton, “Warning Shot.” Zoe Heller, “The Believers.” Frank Tallis, “Fatal Lies.” Lee Vance, “The Garden of Betrayal.” Ben Kane, “The Silver Eagle.” William Napier, “Attila.” Steven Pressfield, “Tides of War.” Jake Adelstein, “Tokyo Vice.” Nelson Johnson, “Boardwalk Empire.” Alexandra Lapierre, “Artemisia.”

Got to see Artemisia Gentileschi’s “Esther before Ahasuerus” at the Met this weekend.

Her Allegory of Inclination. It was commissioned by art connoisseur Michelangelo Buonarrotti the Younger, the nephew of the famous painter. It was originally a sensual nude modeled on herself – extremely scandalous at the time, and from a woman legally independent (during a time when all Italian women “belonged” to the males of their family, first the father, and then their husband). However, a spoilsport puritan descendant of the Buonarrottis painted on coverings.

Susanna and the Elders, a combined work of Artemisia and her father Orazio. Interestingly enough, Orazio today has a terrible reputation and is essentially unknown due to the fact that the only contemporary review of his talent comes from one Tassi, a complete and utter enemy of the Gentileschi family that was convicted of raping Artemisia Gentileschi. Small wonder that Orazio comes out looking like a hack. The bible story of Susanna was often used by painters during that time to have a religious excuse to paint naked women.

New York Minute.

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Party at Jolene’s place in the Dorchester was swank. Did not get a lei. Did not eat the strawberry mochi. Did taste some of that whipped cream vodka, and some of that “Sophisticated Slushie” that Jolene made up. My task is to rework and rename the drink. For one, I’m gonna use raspberry sorbet. Second, I’ll be adding additional sorbet in the drink and throwing in a frozen raspberry or two. And then I’ll be thinking up some cooler name that’s not so generic. Though Sophisticated Slushie has a nice ring to it…

The Sophisticated Slushie (according to the New York Times)

2 parts lemon sorbet.
1 part gin.
1 part prosecco.

Puree sorbet and gin until smooth. Add prosecco and mint leaves and serve.

I like this drink too. So many possible variations… hooray for experimenting soon!

Gin and Tonic Sorbet

1 1/2 cups of sugar
1 cup of hot water
ΒΌ cup gin
2 cups tonic water
juice and zest of two lemons or limes
1 egg white

Dissolve sugar in water and cool. Mix in G&T, citrus juice plus zest. Pour into ice cream carton and put in freezer. When almost frozen, whisk in stiffly beaten egg white. Put back in freezer, and repeat when again almost frozen. Serve with mint garnish.

OMG raspberry and chocolate parfait from Yoplait. Sweet.

New York trip on Saturday! Saw the Rockettes Xmas Spectacular at Radio City with Christine and Sylvia. Ho ho ho.

Had kalguksu from Arirang in K-town with Nancy and co., plus raspberry white chocolate shake from Godiva.

I got the last seat on the Megabus at 940 PM on that maliciously windy evening. If I had to wait for the next one, I would have froze. There was a young couple in line behind me that came just for the Rockettes that day. I was like, uh what, before I realized I basically did the same thing.

Moe Szyslak gets lucky on the Simpsons. How that last bit (… kissed Katy Perry on the lips…) got past the censors, I’ll never know. Moe has set the bar for hot TV hookups.

Needs LOLCat caption.

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Ah, Sookie.

The holiday season has begun!

Two developments.

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First seizures linked to COICA. The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) may have some useful purpose in protecting US industries from pirates of all sort, but the way it’s being implemented can be so easily abused. There is no warning or request, like is required under DMCA, so there’s no way for somebody to validly fight against the seizure and reclaim their stolen property. Without due process and proper legal recourse, it is very possible for the government to actually be infringing against civil liberties and violating the Constitution. The warrants backing up the seizures need to have adequate proof and legal support, as any vengeful company can claim copyright/IP infringement and have smaller competitors put out of business permanently. Yes, there are a lot of illegal pirates out there, so the US needs to do something. However, it needs to show its also protecting the civil liberties of its citizens. Business interests count for a lot, but if it means the government is a mere pawn and does not act for the people…

“Do Not Track” is being proposed as a solution to the problem of online privacy. This is where consumers can choose an option on their browser to prevent any persistent cookies being used to “track” their online behavior while they browse. However… it would vastly change the landscape of Internet commerce if businesses couldn’t track consumer behavior properly. besides, the majority of identity thefts occur from weaknesses in government databases and consumer companies that process credit card payments. Do Not Track would not help stop hackers that steal millions of names and numbers from say TJ Maxx, and Social Security numbers from the personal laptops of government officials. Instead, Do Not Track would slow down legitimate e-commerce for no good reason other than this privacy boogieman. Yes, you need to enforce corporate behavior so they don’t install spyware: persistent cookies that illegally access information are bad, and those should be stopped outright. However, regular cookies are important and need to remain. Of course, uneducated Internet users will believe it’s a great option. (Even implementing it would be such a huge headache. Think of all the roundtables and bartering for the technical details, and companies fighting it and delaying legislation with hundreds of lobbyists…)

Vancouver, November 2010.

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An “anonymous” drawing for me. Holla. Best random gift ever.

With Hendrick at Phnom Penh.

Seaweed soup with fish and squid balls.

Oyster pancakes.

Squid battered with lemon and pepper.

Cambodian chicken.

Lemon raspberry and white chocolate chip gelato with Jenica and Olivia.

Thanks. Get out.