Fake band, real singer. Unrelated phrases.

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“1 – Go to wikipedia and hit random. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. 2 – Go to quotationspage.com and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album. 3 – Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”. Third picture no matter what it is, will be your album cover. 4 – Use photoshop to put it all together.”

The name of my band comes from a mysterious Norwegian billionaire archaeologist and inventor who bought up all of Ingmar Bergman’s estate, including the Faro Island compound where he shot most of his films. The quote is from a J.K. Rowling book. It’s probably some sorta shoegaze band. I’ll let you know once we actually record a single.

Misty Boyce, depressing girl from New Mexico singing suicidal dirges for Dutch mannequins. Lovely (right adjective for this one?) song. Doing a show tonite at the M Room!

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First thoughts on regulatory lecture.

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Scary lecture about FTC’s Do Not Track proposal. According to Sarah de Diego of Diego Law, there are dire possible outcomes of the FTC’s proposal. It seems as if the FTC is leaning toward forcing merchants to delete all consumer data right after a transaction. The vagueness of such a demand is staggering: when is a transaction complete? Why immediately after? And why such a grand protection of privacy that kills online merchants (thus destroying the largest growing segment of taxable business income in the United States) and also affects offline brick and mortar merchants? It could also kill companies like Netflix, which suggests movies you may like based upon your previous activity… how do they save this information? Well, then they have to detail classes of information and exceptions. However, the point of “Do Not Track” is removing a consumer from ALL tracking, including cookies. They can choose to be invisible, and thus, impossible for any online merchant to properly monetize. Multi-item purchases would be another exception. All sales technology would have to be refitted. And not to mention old data – what would you do with legacy data? Scrap every single sales record ever generated? Then business records (which the IRS demands you keep for up to 5 years) would have to be scrapped, and the FTC and IRS would be butting heads.

The exploration of the proposal is so that the PMA can answer a 5 page questionnaire provided by the FTC to “inform” their upcoming proposal to the legislative branch. They were given 60 days to do so. Very little time to get proper answers on legislation that could totally change the landscape of the American economy.


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Wow. I went to see Jessi Teich twice in the same weekend. Craziness.

North Star Bar. Her set starts with a new song. I like most of it, but it’s repetitive and needs a chorus with a hook, or a strong bridge. And the ending needs some polish. Otherwise, the words are heartfelt and the melody IS there. The rest of the set are songs I’ve heard before, for the most part. She does a great improv session (and you can see her jazz roots shine through in her scat) and her rendition of “You Don’t Know What Love Is” was through the roof.

Wrong song, but awesome anyways.

Her voice is powerful and very smooth; I’d actually like her to write songs with longer lines so she can capitalize on that. And somehow she got together a dependable and amazing band. You can tell how dependable – there they are the next night, playing at Le Cochon Noir, to nine people. It is a snowy and freezing night and it is Parkside, so there’s a reason it’s empty. The food’s good – snapper soup, portobello with cheese, St. Louis dry rub ribs. I enjoy listening to her do her jazz standards, and it’s fun to see her pianist jam. (I need that intensity when I’m improvising. I need to study his technique a little bit.) She does songs from her CD again. No Mover and a Shaker? Interesting.

“YOUUUUUU. You got what I neeeddddddd.” Audience participation! And hooray, she’s doing a gig at World Cafe Live next month! Congrats!

Speaking of singer songwriters… when is Amy Regan coming back to Philly? Also, Avi Wisnia next month. And Two Door Cinema Club. Holla!

Back to North Star Bar. June Divided is good. The lead is hot AND can sing (though obviously a rock voice, no jazz chanteuse there), and the songs are catchy. I’m probably gonna get their EP. Their guitarist can apparently sing; he goes into a passable imitation of Cee-Lo doing F*** You and gets the crowd pumped. Their set was lamentably short.

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Las Vegas, day 0.

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Mmm. The cuisine of Thomas Keller, whose signature restaurant in Napa Valley I will likely never get to…

My favorite restaurant in Las Vegas is Bouchon. It is said that Keller designed Bouchon as a place he could go to eat after work, ie. the French Laundry. I understand the sentiment. Fresh raw oysters and raw clams from Massachusetts and BC and Oregon, with horseradish that BURNS and great sauces and nary a grain of sand to clamp my teeth on. A fine steak tartare with capers and pickled vegetables and a light sweet sauce that I couldn’t identify. You ask for extra toasted bread and they make some for you right there, free of charge. I ate the last half of the tartare while the toasted and lightly grilled bread was still steaming. Then, a main course of delicious scallops, delicately seared and rare inside, with a black pepper reduction and lobster royale as garnish – raw lobster made into a broth, condensed and made into a custard (ergo, tons of work). Alongside, a 2008 Pinot Gris and a 2008 Sancerre from France – who knows where, but delicious. To finish it off, a selection of cheese and honeycomb. Two pieces of a sweet, aromatic cow’s milk cheese. A nitrogenous, fragrant and aggressive sheep’s cheese. And finally, some sharp cow’s cheese from the Midwest. Can’t forget the thinly sliced Granny Smith apples to wipe up all the excess honey. Oh, and the chamomile fruit tea at meal’s end.

Don’t forget the insanely attentive waiter, the amusing older couple next to me, the blase rich kid who stays in the Venetian for weeks at a time and is “sick” of the place but clearly enjoying his meal, and the Silicon Valley businessman and his hot Beijing wife (whose dad is some party hotshot and who knows a lot of people in, among other places, the fascinatingly huge Russian Embassy in Beijing that takes a half hour to walk around… and offered me her connects and club tours in Beijing or Singapore, all I have to do is whistle), and, as always, the numerous cute bimbos strewing this brasserie.

Alas, today is the last day of the Consumer Electronics Show AND the Adult Video News expo and apparently I missed both events. The predecessor of CES, Comdex, was sold by Sheldon Adelson to Softbank of Japan for $862 million, which was used to finance the Venetian. And thus we come full circle to being at the Bouchon in the Venetian.

P.S. Is it weird to see a big dude wearing a bandanna over his face, swaggering like a gansta, and resting an automatic assault rifle on his shoulder? He’s strutting down Las Vegas Boulevard and ain’t nobody battin an eye. I looked back and was like what… sure, the gun could be a fake… but the possibilities are endless! Good thing he was heading the other way.

P.S.S. The view from my hotel room is fantastic. I have a room on the 59th floor of the Wynn, overlooking the golf course. It’s this grand patch of dark field in the middle of a large luminous city at night. As the sun rises, you can see all the trees get illuminated and you realize how big the golf course really is. And how amazing it would be if you only played golf and could appreciate it up close. And how the green fees are probably ridiculous.

P.S.S.S. Plus, can’t forget the Army grunt I sat next to that drank the plane out of Jack Daniels Black. For serious. He was lamenting how his kids were growing up (by the base he’s stationed at) in the middle of nowhere, Louisiana, and had thick Southern accents and were gonna say “can I have a Coke” and then expect the waitress to say “what type”. He lamented the fact that the community he was in was so protectionist that they refused entry of any outside restaurants into the town to protect the local restaurants. So, no chains. The army grunts got pissed so the general allowed a Chili’s to open ON BASE. True story. Town finally said okay… we’ll let Buffalo Wild Wings in. So now the only chain restaurant in that town is a wings place that I have to drive an hour to get to back home in Philly.

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Just A Dream.

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Found my iPod again. Holla! Six months lost and it still works! Speaking of iPods….

Cassidy looking like some baby on Maxie’s phone. OMG! (Playing hooky from loadout.)

The “crazy” shot. Yes, we’re very not.

At H-Mart with Nancy and Syl.

At Jolene’s luau.

Party at Byron’s.

Me with the Chips.

And for old time’s sake… Jen and Gizelle at July 4 Ice Cream at Penn’s Landing!

Xmas in pictures.

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Priss and I are BAKERS. That’s right, haters. Our Santa hat cookies are da bomb.

The actual cookies.

GDog! Sadly, no gdogs were consumed. Japadogs were, however. And Dougie Dog.

Super coule!

Can’t forget Xmas dinner. Ravioli, turkey, kai-lan, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, Chinese noodles.

Skiing at Cypress (where the freestyle and snowboarding events at Winter Olympics 2010 were held).

Carrying a little monster.

I. Am. Rock.

Christmas moose.

The fight is on!

All riiiiight.

Spoiled princesses about to see Tangled.

Cousins chillin before dinner.

Our yearly everyone-in-one picture.

Cambodian chicken wings at Phnom Penh. Holla!

Nice to meetcha.

NOT PICTURED:Yogurt soju, beef bulgogi and soon-do-bu from Ap Gu Jung! Spicy ramen from Kintaro’s! Shou lum pau and hot and sour soup from Spicy House! Neu-ro-mein from… the Neu-ro-mein place! Monterey Jack and Jack Daniels “Double Jack” poutine and Wild Mushroom and Pancetta Mac n‘ Cheese from Chill Winstons! Yogen Fruz blended raspberry froyo! Bear Trap and Rooibos mix from David’s Teas! Izakaya from Guu! Yaletown Gelateria and Gelarmony raspberry, amaretto and lime gelatos! The yellowtail from Applause! More of that chocolate stout from Granville Island Brewery! The smell of French bread baking at La Baguette et L’Echalote!

Next time: Skiing at Whistler AND staying there. Hiking up the Grouse Grind and the Stawamus Chief, and maybe the snowy peaks in Garibaldi (sans mosquitoes). Eating at West, Hapa Izakaya, and, finally, Lumieres. Biking Stanley Park… tandem. Getting to Steveston when it’s actually open. Seeing a show at the Commodore or the Biltmore. Visiting the Yaletown brewery. Stopping by the Fish’s studio? Seeing Victoria. Clam chowder, smoked salmon, drool. Crashing at the Yaletown condo.


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Liz Phair was alright. First time to the TLA!

Jessi Teich was even better. My first concert at Marbar! Gonna see her at North Star Bar January 8. Love her songs… Barely There is my favorite thus far, and the show version of Mover and a Shaker (better than the CD version). The song is made for riffing.

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