October to January.

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October 15: Julie’s Birthday at Chima. First time there – salad bar decent but Fogo’s a little better.

October 19: Pool with Perch Pub league at Tops. Also first timer.

October 20: Mrs. Feldman publishes a book of dog recipes! Release party at swanky hotel! Hors d’oeuvres served that are not for dogs!

October 21: First time at Independents Hall for the Barcamp pre-party. Very insular crowd mostly doing mobile apps. That’s fine… but… need more visionaries, less game developers. Right after: Headhunters with Becca Berkowitz and BNeenan.

October 22: BarCamp Philly all day. Some great lectures, also some good contacts… but again, only if I’m into making mobile apps. Or video editing. Hmm. Later that night, black tie Curtis gala dinner with Jessica Ciaramella. Coriolanus right afterwards. One of the few movies in 2011 that I actually fell asleep at.

October 23: Another amazing concert at Curtis. Then a pretty horrible Chinese movie with Corinn and Mike. I’m sure they were pleased. Ha! Who asked them to miss Headhunters?

October 24: Sacrifice, directed by Chen Kaige. A quality Chinese film, finally.

October 26: Happy hour at Revolution House. Decent beer selection, nice roof patio.

October 28: Korean revenge epic – The Yellow Sea. Decently exciting but pacing is an issue. And of course, no US release outside of film festivals, like most Asian flicks.

October 29: KBBQ!

November 1: The Ugly Duckling. 1 hour animated Russian flick. Heartwarming. A little repetitive with the use of the main theme (all Tchaikovsky) but well done all the same.

November 2: Margin Call. Eh, I guess it was decent. Kind of forgettable though.

November 3: The Destiny of Lesser Animals was my yearly foray into African cinema. The filmmaker is from Philly or something. Decent flick. Not entirely as deep as I would have like, and the sequences with the mute homeless girl felt a bit affected. However, it is a voice I see rarely, and for that it is welcome. After leaving Perfect Sense, I felt it was at heart a vehicle to see Eva Green naked. It had some emotional moments and an intriguing setup, but the movie was essentially a low-budget focus on how two people can connect despite losing all their senses, so that what is left is pure companionship. Evidently, they can lose hearing and taste and all that but they can’t take away the sex… I admired the ambition of the movie but that ending just cheapened the whole thing.

November 4: Me as a role model? I spoke to 5 groups of kids at a charter school in Center City about careers in online marketing. Got many questions about the Playstation hack – but then so did all the other panelists who did anything online. Ah, these kids lead such informed lives.

November 5: Homecoming all day! Watched the game! Sang the anthem on the field with Glee Club! Eat all day, party all night! Lots of alumni! Go Penn!

November 6: Meant to go see a session at Plays and Players but because Jess is fashionably super late, we end up going to Devils Den for beer.

November 7: The day where I sing Tom Lehrer at an Orpheus roundtable. I receive warm applause and many have tears in their eyes. I can’t tell if that is good or bad, but I suspect the latter.

November 9: Kickoff Press Reception for Bruce Montgomery Foundation! Accompanied Jeff Coon and then played background music in the penthouse library/conference room for one of those swanky law firms in the skyscrapers on Broad. If you can call them skyscrapers, that is.

November 10: Entrepreneurship Panel at Dilworth Paxson LLP for Penn Club. I get to answer questions about being an entrepreneur and what it takes to get successful. Since the crowd is mostly MBA candidates and lawyers, it’s a considerably more intellectual time than, say, the Career Day at that charter school.

November 11: Friday Night at Curtis. Jess has fun (I think?). Dinner at Dandelion afterwards (fantastic food) and then afterhours at XIX.

November 15: The Descendants. Fantastic movie. Rare that I enjoy George Clooney in a movie, since he usually doesn’t do much but his mildly charming bland whatever characters. Especially liked the uppity teenage daughter as foil.

November 16: Taste of Avenue of the Arts with Lorna. Interesting food from Broad St. restaurants, and a great jazz band. Lorna’s apologetic as she seems to think I should it be what – more swanky? It’s a cocktail hour. No biggie. And then Katie Herzig & Butterfly Boucher at Johnny Brenda’s! I got to spend a bit of time shooting the shit with Butterfly and she’s really cool. I never got into her that much (aside from that Bowie-approved cover of Changes) but she seems like she’s a really hardworking musician and really dedicated.

November 18: House concert at JJ Tiziou’s! Fascinating sets. Especially like Marc Silver’s live set.

November 20: The day where I see Faust done by the Curtis Opera theater. And just watch Act One before leaving. Had stuff to do!

November 24-27: Thanksgiving in Toronto. Mmm, Chinese food.

Nov 28: Orpheus audition. And I do fine.

Dec 2: Hang out at South Philly Tap House with Jackie and Jess.

Dec 7: Orpheus concert and afterparty.

Dec 10: Joe’s Crab Shack, Barcade and then the Barbary. Finally, David’s Mai Lai Wah. A long night of celebrating Mike’s birthday!

Dec 11: Jaime Laredo at Curtis 3 pm. Awesome violin work… and then drinks with the Turners at their wonderful old house in Old City. Still has the original glazed windows from the mid-1700s. 2nd oldest continually habited street in the United States! Dinner at Pizzeria Stella.

Dec 12: Dinner at Pizzeria Stella again! And then pool at Buffalo Billiards, as we can’t get into the screening.

Dec 13: Tavern on Broad. Hate that bar.

Dec 14: Pool at Perch. Where I win my first game against the 3 from the other Perch Pub team. It’s a long drawn out game and it’s a tight match all the way until the 8 ball. SCORE!

Dec 16: MI3. Ehh. Batman preview was interesting but the perspective at the Franklin made it a little less enjoyable than it might have been.

Dec 17: Sherlock Holmes 2 with Jess in Bensalem. I get to see Langhorne at night. It’s, um, hard to see. Decently entertaining (in hindsight, not as good as Sherlock on BBC, but… that’ll do, pig, that’ll do).

Dec 19: Messiah singthru at The Salon with Jessica Lennick. Love that place (and the salon programs), though I’m not coughing up $2 million to help save it. That seems a bit excessive, given the other properties I could buy at that price that would be much more profitable within 4-5 years. But I guess the owner knows what he wants.

Dec 22: Cheesecake Factory with Raquel, the Spanish doctor. She’s fun – but sadly, it’s her last day. Took Jenica to see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Apparently vicious rapes and serial killers are not what she expected. Gotta love the sense of dread throughout and the production quality – great sound design!

Dec 24 – Jan 1: Cancun. Fun times: ziplining, ATVs, beach volleyball, biking, snorkeling, zooming across the water… Interesting people there too. Lots of Canadians. One Bostonian who lived on a country star’s yacht and got paid 100k a year to fish 3 times a week and wash the boat every night. The rest of the time he got to spend picking up chicks at resorts all around Cancun. Jenny: rebel without a cause. Good girl the first day, then found her smoking a bong in the lifeguard hut. Perfect. Russian models, mother/daughter tag teams…

Jan 4: Elise Corey leaves town to move to San Fran! Noooo! Party it up at Black Sheep.

Jan 8-10: VEGAS. Good times clubbing at Pure at Caesar’s, Marquee at the Cosmopolitan. Met Nelly after his act at one of the industry parties. LMFAO and one of the Black Eyed Peas was at another “secret” party. Tiesto was at XS the night before I got there (boo hiss). Sweet suite at the Venetian. Planet Hollywood for the first time and got in some buffet…

Jan 14: First gig at World Cafe Live! We got to do the whole setlist of Wars & Whores, as well as a couple new songs and some covers. Packed house… it was awesome. A lot of walkins who didn’t know us previously, so that was a surprise.

Jan 16: Formally a member of Orpheus!

Jan 21: Annual dinner at Orpheus is NUTS.

Jan 25: Jose Garces was at Curtis during the Curtis On Tour preview! Plenty of good wine, some GREAT music (especially that Paganini) and to top it all off – I won our last match of the round to complete a 5-0 shutout of the Westy’s home team. BAM.

Jan 26: Ben Franklin’s birthday at McGillin’s. Got to catch up with Tess and a bunch of others.

Jan 27: Phil & Anna’s engagement at Trestle Inn. Former sketchy dive burns down and they rebuild another sketchy dive. This time, with weird fully clothed goth gogo dancers on lighted boxes with tip jars in front of them. If you give them money, do they take stuff off?

Jan 28: Snowboarding at Blue Mountain with Christine and Ann, and also with Andrew and a couple of the other guys that boarded with us last time. Except we slowed no one down this time.

Jan 29: Jess’s birthday dinner! Good times out in Bensalem, and decent food too at Toscana 52. Drove Jackie up there from her place in Port Richmond. Haven’t been much to that side of town, and first time driving it, so it was a mild kick getting to see the area a bit more. Got a reference for a good kielbassa source… mmm. Black market Polish meats.

This is not the end.

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