Alicia Lemke.

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Yoon Mi-Rae.

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Korean mom, African-American dad. Born in Portland as Natasha Reid. Now probably the best rapper in South Korea – and married to the best male rapper in South Korea. She got her start in K-pop, which is totally a sound I (for the most part) detest. Inane bubblegum production with the stuck-in-the-90s sound that still hasn’t quite left Kpop. Thankfully she’s doing less of that stuff as she moves farther into her career.

Her latest helpfully comes in an English AND Korean version.

Lady T being totally natural on the mic.

Damn, totally legit here. She could have been big in the States, I’m pretty sure. The first track in this mix was pulled from her collabo with Drunken Tiger and Rakim.

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Bernadette Peters was on Animaniacs?!?

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So today I found out that Rita from Animaniacs was voiced by Bernadette Peters. Randomly, my buddy Earl mentioned he saw her this weekend at a flea market where she sometimes sells her jewelry. He had a nice conversation with her and then promptly mixed her up with an opera singer. Anyways… ANIMANIACS! One of my fave childhood TV shows! YEAAA WAKKO. Ahem. This is “Les Miseranimals”, a parody of Les Miserables.

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