Nut jobs, Ohio being retarded, civil forfeiture, Maryland also being retarded.

Sack tapping: the 21st century prank of choice for high school boys. There’s something really homo-erotic about close contact with another guy’s balls. What is with the youth of America today? Also, whoever pulls a groin punch is really asking to get killed in retribution. No one injures a man’s ability to reproduce without suffering some wicked bad consequences.

This woman, however, wins the cake for best bust-a-nut move.

Is this right? In Ohio, a police officer can cite you for speeding… with JUST an eyeball estimate. No radar gun needed. Obviously, Ohio is hurting for tax money and needs some really bullshit ways of pulling in some money into their treasury. No word on civil forfeiture issues, but you know it’s on the way from these podunk state officials who think that abusing citizens and drive-thru visitors are the sure way to meet their budget this year… (oh, you were obviously gonna buy drugs with that wad of cash in your glove compartment. No one carries cash today, so you must be a terrorist drug dealer pimp. Yoink!) So much potential for abuse. Note to self, do not go to Ohio.

Of course, if you try to videotape an officer giving you a shady estimate of your driving speed, you can get sent to jail for 5 years. The cop can demand that you submit to a recording but not the other way around? Last I heard, outside your car was a public place. In any case, cops are public officials, and public officials don’t have any claim to privacy around actions taken while they are in the public service. Why is it citizens cannot record them while they are in the process of doing their duty? In a lot of cases, there are often no witnesses aside from the defendant and the cop, and the defendant can have a hard time proving wrongful arrest since it’s a he-said-she-said moment – unless you have video. It don’t lie. Well, unless you edit the video, but a good public prosecutor will analyze the tape to see if you tampered with it. So basically, a cop can stop you (and in this case, using a plain car, pulling a gun right away without identifying himself and waving a pedestrian over. That’s pretty illegal. A carjacker could do the same thing. The popo HAVE to introduce themselves! What a buffoon.); shake you down for cash and say it was because you were suspected of a crime (ie. dogs smelled drugs on your money… poor people tend to carry more cash than richer people do… and most bills have traces of coke on them… wonder who gets in trouble more often for “drugs” money?); pretend that you were speeding as either a measure of revenge, a threat or whatever; and then bring you to court on civil and criminal charges for trying to videotape the exchange. And his police buddies and union will pull whatever else on you to scare and/or bankrupt you in the meantime.

Some professor from Eastern Kentucky University noted that there has been a 1500% increase in paramilitary police raids (aka SWAT) between early 1980s and beginning of this decade. Apparently, we like the police state.

I seem to be blaming the police. There are abusive cops, sure, but there are also GOOD cops. Haven’t had too much direct communication with any police (aside from a theft report in college which I never got any update on after I filed my complaint. Lost a computer and some stuff, and nobody ever got back to me about any leads. Not that I expected any… you can unload stuff like that real easy.) so can’t really say anything about how good or bad they seem to be in “real life”. However, many apocryphal stories from neighbors make it clear that urban black people do not like the popos, and for good reason. What’s worse than bad cops (as opposed to good ones) possibly being corrupt, racially profiling or whatnot… is the fact that the courts are allowing the police ever-expanding powers that have extreme potential to be abused. In effect, the court is encouraging abuse by allowing eyeball estimates of speed when a working radar gun can do it better, and to the point – more accurately. But of course, the courts don’t want accuracy. They just want to shovel offenders through on shoddy evidence, and take free money. You don’t have to be a libertarian or an ACLU member to note that some of these developments are abusive and should be shot down. Who wants to take bets on whether Ohio will be embarrassed into reversing the decision? Smart money is on Ohio saying screw you, we made the decision, if you don’t like it, get the f*** out of our state.


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