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Playing a gig at World Cafe Live Downstairs on July 16! Thanks to Jeffrey Barg, and looking forward to working with Gary Kurnov, David Kurnov, Jesse R. Tendler, Sarah Levine McClelland, Eric Johnson and Laura Boyce again! We’ll be doing Bard-inspired songs from Love’s Labours Lost: A New Musical (Shakespeare in Central Park 2013); Wars & Whores: The Henry IV Musical (Fringe 2011, WXPN Folk Show, I was in it.); Shakespeare in Clark Park’s The Tempest, whose composer – Sean Hoots, lead singer of Philadelphia folk band Hoots & Hellmouth – will be joining us onstage; plus much more, and we’ll be joined by many more talented actors and musicians. Buy your tickets early!

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Woohoo! Canada won both female and male hockey gold medals. YEAH! And probably the last person….. finally watched some recaps of the opening ceremony. I like the look, I agree with all the people who said it was better than Beijing. Though that’s not a final opinion since I still haven’t watched the whole thing.

Break Your Heart remix finally out. Took them long enough!

This weekend was amazing. Thanks for saving Friday, Rachel. You need to call me out at 1 AM WAY more often. Saturday: best Glee show as an alum; Neha, Ah-rex and Irish Pub; Meagan and Chris hitched (almost); first time at Penne; singing along to Party in the USA; Thomases suggest I open a mailing list and put them first; I’m signed up for the 150’s (big deal!!); reminiscing about hot women, at Mad4; a trumpeter (finally); Mike maybe picking up acting/directing at Fringe; learning Elaine is on Gawker and wondering how you actually get to host a Gawker weekly other than being smokin hot (oh, so no problem for me then… haha). Caitlin moving back in, 3 weeks-ish from now. Brenna in town in 2 weeks, same with Neha Bidet-ha. May-ish Baltimore roadtrip for Rachel! Possible Avatar IMAX 3D next week. Sweeney is turning out swell, new business is coming in, etc etc. Good week all around (save for one offer situation to resolve this week).

Yes, yes, for the better.

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