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Assorted Essays

Section I: View Essays in Section I

• Brief: Modern Iraqi Affairs (circa 2003)
• Struggles in Palestine
• Romantic Love and the Individual
• Individuality in The Red and The Black
• Obstacles to Unity
• A Crisis in Europe
• Economic Imperialism, Globalization and Threads of Resistance
• Colonialism and Power Relations in Houseboy
• War and the Destruction of the Politic
• Reformations From Within
• Social Objectives and the Usage of the Noble Savage
• Echoing Empire: Frances Edens Tigers, Durbars and Kings
• Erasmus on Folly
• Folk Music and the Economics of Musical Heritage
• Colonialism
Section II: View Essays in Section II

• Thoughts on Blowback
• The Census as Imperialism
• When Corporations Rule The World
• Prospectus on American Resistance to Imperialism
• American Resistance to Imperialism: Public Response to the Spanish–American War
• The Legacy of Maria Callas
• The Everlasting Bohemian
• The Origins of the Scientific Revolution
• Technology Policy and the Economic Development of South Korea and Taiwan
• Russian Music in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century
• Nationalism and the Protestant Reformation
• Literary Points
Section III: View Essays in Section III

• Cultures of United States Imperialism Before 1945
• Doukas
• Talking Points
• History of the Middle East: After the 1800s
• International Politics
• Capitalism in Asia
• The Fountainhead>
• Clemens on Slavery
• Mismatched
• Life in Art
• A Modernist Tragedy
• Thoreau on Nature

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